Week4: Chicago Libraries To Reopen Mondays, Timeline Profiles Mandatory on Facebook, Google Maps Show Public Alerts, ProQuest Goes Mobile

The posts from week 4 of this year are not as remarkable as week 3 but there are some that need to be mentioned.

Chicago Public Libary: Mayor Emanuel to Announce Plan to Reopen Libraries on Mondays (INFOdocket)
The mayor of Chicago intends to re-open libraries on Monday, starting February 6 "with the help of 90 union positions: approximately 45 reinstated union members, 32 who are being called back after being laid off, and 13 who will return to full-time status after being bumped to part-time; about 25 reassigned staffers from the Harold Washington Library and an estimated 20 new part-time library associates.on-union staff."

Libraries and Makerbots (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
The founder of makerbots, Bre Pettis, explains in this video why libraries need to get 3D printers

Facebook Timeline Now Pushed To Everyone, Users Get A Week To Clean Up Profiles(TechCrunch)
Even if you didn't like the new Timeline style of profiles on Facebook, now you will have one week to change it, since Timeline profiles will soon become mandatory for all Facebook users.

Google Maps Gets Public Safety Alerts for Weather & Earthquakes ( ReadWriteWeb)
Emergency alerts for the public for weather, earthquakes or other emergencies will now show up on Google Maps.

Copyright Clearance Center introduces Motion Picture License in partnership with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation(Library Technology Guides)
"The Motion Picture License is a solution which enables employees to legally show movies and TV shows from more than 400 producers from around the world and all major Hollywood studios within their organizations for sales meetings, company functions, employee training and development programs, conferences, and more while respecting the rights of content creators."

EBSCO Discovery Service integrating EBSCO A-to-Z and LinkSource (Library Technology Guides)
EBSCO A-to-Z is going to merge with LinkSource into EBSCO Discovery Service .

ProQuest goes mobile (Library Technology Guides)
One of the new immediate strategies for ProQuest database vendor is to go mobile and offer its content "via smart phones and tablets."

Four Libraries (3 Public, 1 School) Win ALA’s Cutting Edge Library Services Award (INFOdocket)
From innovative use of QR codes (Contra Costa County Library), implementation of the full specter of Google applications (New Canaan High School Library) to using "Map Warper" tool to "digitally aligning" historical maps (NYPL) and creating recommendation engine based on staff input (Scottsdale Public Library), this year recipients of the award have created truly fascinating projects that have
created a buzz in the library community already.

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