Week 6: Reuters With Social Pulse Dashboard, Google Debuts Chrome for Android,PACrimeStats.Info for PA Crime Data, Free Online Textbooks?

Week 6: There are not as many posts this week as usual.

Reuters Launches Social Pulse (ResourceShelf)
Social Pulse the new dashboard for social media developed by Reuters is aninteresting project especially for readers interested in business news and social media.

APA Database Available Via Ovid Platform (ResourceShelf)
Ovid is now carrying online the he American Psychological Association’s (APA.)

Divide and Conquer: Update on the Google Books Lawsuit ( Library Link of the Day)
As librarians we need to follow the outcome of the Google Books lawsuit.

New Reference Resource: PACrimeStats.Info (Pennsylvania Crime Data)( INFOdocket)
"The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency today announced the launch of a website, PACrimeStats.Info to provide access to crime-related data from Pennsylvania’s adult and juvenile criminal justice agencies."

OpenStax College Plans Free Textbooks (ResourceShelf)
Using the open-education platform Connexions, Rice University plans to provide free online textbooks for "five of the country's most-attended college courses"

Copyright Clearance Center announces OnCopyright education certificate program ( Library Technology Guides)
Copyright Clearance Center came up with another certificate program ( we announced another initiative during week 4) called "OnCopyright Education Certificate Program" to educate users in different industries about copyright.

Semantic Web: ISBD Namespaces Published
This post is mostly cataloging and librarian stuff: ISBD Namespaces are now published in Resource Description Framework (RDF), which is the basis of the Semantic Web. You acn asses them at http://iflastandards.info/ns/isbd/.

Google Debuts Chrome for Android (Search Engine Watch)
A new version of the Chrome browser for Android was released by Google for smartphones or tablets with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

Google Offers To Pay People To Have Their Web Use Tracked Minutely (TechCrunch)
Do you want to earn $25 Amazon gift card for a year, then sign up and Google will track how you use the Internet on a minute by minute base.

Research Guide: Newspaper Photograph Morgues (INFOdocket)
News librarians and reporters are always in need of pictures, so take a look at this post which highlights public institutions with "custody of at least one newspaper photograph morgue in the United States and Canada."

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