Week11:Gale Gateways Launched, Google Begins With Semantic Search, Encyclopedia Britannica Stops With Print,

Week 11 has some unique and intriguing posts.

Gale Aims to Transform the Online Library Experience with Gateways (ResourceShelf)
Gale decided to organize its databases in thematic groups, called Gale Gateways to help customers navigate the information better.

New York Public Library and FIT Archives Launch Digital Archive of Historic Fashion Drawings and Sketches
( INFOdocket)
"After two years of planning, the Picture Collection of the New York Public Library and the Special Collections & FIT Archives of the Fashion Institute of Technology Library have recently started a digital archive of fashion drawings and sketches by André Fashion Studios"

An Unprecedented Video Glimpse Into How Google Crafts Its Search Results(Search Engine Land)
Very interesting video on how Google tweaks search results and auto complete.

Ray Kurzweil: “You Are What You Think
I have always been a sucker for sci-fi technology theories and here is an interesting one from Ray Kurzweil, founder of Kurzweil companies.

Google Search Changes In A Nutshell: Please Stop Talking Trash About SPYW, We Have Semantic Search! ( TechCrunch)
"According to statements from Amit Singhal, SVP of Search at Google, the changes primarily involve the introduction of semantic search capabilities and instant answers – yes, two things that Microsoft is already doing (and has been doing for some time) with Bing."

Google Expands Flight Search Outside US To 500 Cities (Search Engine Land)
Google Flight Search is now available in 500 cities outside of US.

Denver Public Library Launches New Site to Digitize Neighborhood Histories ( INFOdocket)
New social networking site at Denver Public Library will allow users to upload their own photos and materials online to add them to the digital archive.

Reference: World Trade Organization Launches New Database on Preferential Trade Arrangements (INFOdocket)
Business librarians will surely welcome the new database on preferential trade arrangements by WTO members.

Death By Wikipedia: Encyclopedia Britannica Stops Printing (ReadWriteWeb)
In an expected move,Encyclopedia Britannica decided to stop its print issue after declining sales.

Douglas County Libraries' DIY E-Book Hosting (ALA TechSource Blog )
Douglas County Libraries are building their own e-book platform to offer more choices to their customers, breaking away from restrictive publishers licensing contracts.

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