Week 13: 7 Elements For Best Library Site, Google Starts A Graphing Calculator And Working On A Tablet, Sergei Brin Leaving Google For Blues

This week is not offering an abundance of posts but some of them are pretty amusing and entertaining.

7 Essential Elements to an Awesome Library Website (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
Interesting presentation by David Lee King on what makes a library site cool.

Toronto Public Library Reopens After 10 Day Strike ( INFOdocket)
An agreement was reached between the union and thee city with new approved contact by union members, modest pay increase and no layoffs for staff with 11 years of seniority.

Google Is Now a Graphing Calculator ( ReadWriteWeb)
If most of us don't need a graphic calculator, some still do, so Google decided to develop one, hoping that it will be used and needed.

WSJ: Google Planning To Sell Tablets Straight To Consumers (TechCrunch)
Here we go again with the old rumor about Google and tablets.

Dog lending at Harvard, Sergei Brin Leaving Google for Blues
April Fool's Day posts this year were unbelievably believable.

Digital Public Library of America…(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
A must read presentation for anyone who wants to have a clear and concise idea of the Digital Public Library of America.

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