Week 19:7 Things You Should Know About Textbooks,Understanding NFC, “Hangouts On Air” Allows Google+ Users to Broadcast Live

We can summarize week 19 quickly.

The 7 Best Open Government Sites (ReadWriteWeb)
We have covered most of the websites on this report and open government sites like Open Congress (track campaign $ and representatives), Poligraft( provide "enhanced view" of the people, organizations and their relationships from submitted article or blog text), OpenSecrets.org (tracking campaign and lobbying money)and MuckRock (info from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests) always have some new facts and figures to publish.

7 Things You Should Know About™ the Evolution of the Textbook(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
"Today, a new breed of rich-media publishing tools for tablet devices offers an evolving set of opportunities both for the creation process and for the kinds of resources that can be produced. Although these resources can often “do” much more than what we typically think of as a book, the label of “book,” if not also the idea, tends to persist—Apple calls them “multi-touch books,” Inkling refers to them as “smart books,” and others describe them as “interactive books."

Understanding NFC: Near Field Communications(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Stephen Abram is pointing to a very informative guide on Near Field Communications.

EBSCO Publishing Creates E-book Subscription Collection for Business Professionals(ResourceShelf)
EBSCO started an e-book subscription collection for corporations with unlimited access for users.

100 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Your Best Ideas At Work (New Stephen's Lighthouse)
If you eliminate at least 30 of the reasons listed in the post, then good ideas should not have a problem coming to you at work.

Latest 7 Things You Should Know Focuses On New Learning Ecosystem(The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)
In today's world students have a lot of digital learning tools to pick from which naturally expands the new learning ecosystem beyond LMS systems.

Google Hangouts On Air Live Broadcasting Ability Coming to All Google+ Users(Search Engine Watch)
"Hangouts On Air" allows Google+ users to broadcast live to an audience while recording to YouTube"

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