Week 22:Meeker’s New Internet Trends Report, Google Kills 250,000 Copyrighted Search Links, Microsoft’s With Office 365 For Government,

Week 22 is finally here.

Why Microsoft Killed Windows Live (ReadWriteWeb )
Interesting perspective on why Microsoft got rid off Windows Live.

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2012 Now Online(INFOdocket)
We have covered Mary Meeker's technology reports before and will do it again.

Google kills 250,000 search links a week(Library Link of the Day)
Google is starting to take down thousands of search results that link to copyrighted material.

8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
These are my beliefs as a manager and I got positive results, so they should become yours too.

Libraries Grapple With The Downside Of E-Books ( Library Link of the Day)
Since I work in Queens Library, I would not comment on this post from the National Public Radio. Will only add that the e-readers are extremely popular in our library.

OverDrive introduces Browser-based eBook Reader(Library Technology Guides)
OverDrive is launching a new eBook browser based reading platform called OverDrive Read. To see an example click here.

Microsoft Launches Office 365 For Government(TechCrunch)
"Microsoft’s new Office 365 for Government is, in the company’s own words, “a new multi-tenant service that stores US government data in a segregated community cloud.Microsoft’s government solution includes virtually the same services as the enterprise version, including Exchange Online, Lync Online, SharePoint Online and Office Professional Plus. ”

It’s A Post-PC World: Amazon Adds Laptops, Netbooks To Trade-In Program(TechCrunch)
Who doesn't have a bunch of old laptops and desktops at home to trade in?

Google Product Search To Become Google Shopping, Use Pay-To-Play Model( Search Engine Land)
When Google decides to eliminate "free" in favor of "paid" and rename Google Product Search to Google Shopping, where only merchants that pay will be listed, I think it is worrisome.

Continuing the Conversation: Drupal Basics (ALA TechSource Blog )
Queens Library page (where I work) is build on the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and I believe more and more libraries are exploring this option.

Reference: FDA Launches New Pediatric Drug Database(INFOdocket)
"The Food and Drug Administration has just launched a new database with information about drug safety and efficacy for kids"

Google launches online search and marketing academy( Pandia Search Engine News)
Trough one of my all time favorite blogs, Pandia Search Engine News we learn that Google has launched a new Webmaster Academy to teach webmasters how to increase the website rankings on search results with Google search engine.

Highlighting the Value of Library Use( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
In these difficult times, we should all find a way to display the total cost on loaned materials on customers check-out receipts to show the value libraries bring to the every day life of our customers.

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