Week 24: Terrier Search Engine Is Born, NYPL With New iPad App, Britannica Answers Show in Bing, Credo Reference Launches Literati Public

Let's see what week 24 is about:

2nd Edition of New York Public Library’s Biblion, The Boundless Library iPad App Now Available (INFOdocket)
NYPL releases their second generation Biblion iPad app, called Frankenstein: The Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle.

Bing and Encyclopaedia Britannica Announce Partnership (INFOdocket)
Starting today, thanks to a new partnership between Bing and Encyclopedia Britannica and Bing, Britannica Online answers will show directly in the Bing results page.

Serials Solutions Summon Discovery Service expands Chinese language content with Beijing Apabi Technology Co., Ltd(Library Technology Guides)
Serials Solution's Summon web-scale discovery service is offering expanded coverage of Chinese e-books, due to an exclusive agreement with Beijing Apabi Technology.

24 Hour Library Facility Proposed in Sydney, Australia ( INFOdocket)
Big metropolitan areas, would only benefit from 24 hour library,the question is why we never had one?

Credo Reference partners with public libraries to launch Literati Public( Library Technology Guides )
"Literati Public will help libraries to meet their goals in key areas including:Funding, Community outreach, Local school collaboration, Digital Literacy education, Library marketing and promotion, Usage of library resources."

How to Create Library Instructional (or other educational) Videos and Screencasts(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
Nice instructional video on how to create screencasts and edit videos with Windows Movie Maker.

Listen Now: OverDrive Announces Plans to Launch Streaming Audiobooks Later this Year( INFOdocket )
DRM ( Digital Rights Management) has been an annoyance to Overdrive customers, adding additional barriers to the enjoyment of audiobooks, so simple streaming of audiobooks will be more then welcomed by everyone.

Search Research: New Search Engine Aims to Google the Real World ( INFOdocket)
As usual, Gary from INFOdocket found an interesting piece of information:a new search engine called Terrier, developed by a team at the University of Glasgow "aims to answer questions about the real world in real time, such as “how busy is the city center?”, by using info from social networks, live cameras and microphones.

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