Week 25:Google Saving Languages, Gale With National Geographic Library, EBSCO Adding Management Video Collection, Microsoft With New Tablet

Week 25 was just over and there were a few posts that we need to mention.

Endangered Languages Project: Google Wants To Save 3,000 Languages Under Threat(TechCrunch)
Google is everywhere these days.

Sen. Schumer Opposes Google Using 'Military-Grade Spy Planes' for Mapping( Search Engine Watch)
Many users, including Senator Schumer raise privacy concerns that they will end up involuntarily on Google Maps.

Gale Launches New Database Suite: National Geographic Virtual Library( INFOdocket)
This expands the National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994, for libraries to include "
issues from 1995 onwards, as well as access to a new virtual reference collection of National Geographic books, maps, videos, images and National Geographic Traveler magazine (2010-current)"

ALA Releases 2012 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study (With Maps & Infographic)(INFOdocket)
The 2012 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study, released by ALA confirms one more time that more than half of the public libraries are the only provider of free computer and Internet access in their community

EBSCO Publishing Adds Video to Corporate Learning Product Suite( ResourceShelf)
EBSCO is adding the Leadership & Management Video Collection, an extensive corporate learning video collection for managers.

Google Reveals More Government Search Censorship Requests(Search Engine Watch)
It is worrisome how many requests to remove info (12,000) governments sent to Google for only 6 months.

The Microsoft Surface, A 10.6-Inch Windows 8 Tablet From Microsoft( TechCrunch)
Microsoft finally is entering the tablet market, let’s see how many Windows based businesses will be temped to buy the new tablet.

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