Week 29: Ebook Strategy and Public Libraries, Barnes & Noble Wth NOOK® for Web,Google Webmaster Guide, iCopyright Granted US Patent

There aren't too many posts during Week 29.

Google Launches MyTracks 2.0 GPS App For Hikers, Bikers & Runners(TechCrunch)
MyTracks for Android is a new app, which keeps a record of your hikes, bike rides and other outdoor activities.

Ebook Strategy and Public Libraries: Slow Just Won’t Work Anymore (Library Journal)
If you want to learn more about copyright law and what it means for libraries and e-books, this post is for you.

Barnes & Noble Introduces NOOK® for Web, Giving Readers Instant Access to NOOK Books(TM) from any Web Browser – No Sign-In, Download or NOOK Required (BusinessWire)
It looks like the browser is still an attractive platform for publishers of digital content.

Google Webmaster Tools: An Overview ( Search Engine Watch)
We cant skip this week's detailed guide on Google Webmaster Tools that can give you all kind of reports and data about your website.

iCopyright Granted US Patent on Peer-Policing System ( EContent)
"iCopyright, a clearinghouse service and provider of licensing for digital content, announced the company has been granted a US patent on its instant copyright licensing and verification system."

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