Week 32 & 33:Blowers Modern Library Presentation,OCLC Survey About Library Priorities,iPads at NYC Airport, New Election Fraud Database

The flight back home from vacation is the perfect place to summarize the posts in the past two weeks.

The Modern Library (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
I never miss presentations by Hellen Blowers, Director of Digital Strategy and IT at Columbus Metropolitan Library and if you go trough the whole presentation, you will find out why.

New: OCLC Releases Survey Findings About Library/Librarian Priorities, Initiatives in Germany, Netherlands, and UK
Gary's post also covers full text of the survey and provides link to data for public libraries.

Marketing the Mobile Part of Your Library(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
The presentations highlights different marketing strategies for electronic services at libraries.

Google’s Real Time Big Data Tool Cloned By Apache Drill( TechCrunch)
If your job as a techie librarian, demands knowledge about the use of online tools to manage big data, then this post for you.

How To Find Your Stolen Mobile Device( ReadWriteWeb)
With increased use of mobile devices, knowing how to retrieve them when they are lost or stolen, is always a plus.

iPads at the Airport( David Lee King)
David Lee King is rightfully pointing to the successful use of hundreds of secured iPads by passengers at the terminal gates at LaGuardia airport in New York.

Google Maps Now Features Schedules For More Than 1 Million Transit Stops Worldwide( TechCrunch)
"Google Maps now features public transit schedules for more than 500 cities and one million transit stops worldwide. To make all of this information more accessible to its users on the go, Google today launched an update to Google Maps for Android."

Six Really Useful Apps For NYC( TechCrunch)
Couldn't resist bringing up this post, for anyone interested in visiting NYC.

Google Adjusts Search Results To Appease Copyright Owners(ReadWriteWeb)
Websites which violate copyright,would appear low in search results.

Reference: New Database: Election Fraud in America (Legal Cases)(INFOdocket)
Using the new Election Fraud in America database, one can find "all cases reported to News21 of alleged election fraud across America since 2000."

New Zealand: “Libraries Gear Up for Open Data Challenge”( INFOdocket)
"Government’s commitment to open data casts libraries in a new role as the channel to a potentially huge information resource for the public, says Ian Littleworth, chair of the Association of Public Library Managers.This is one of many ways libraries will be “repositioned” as an increasing proportion of their resources and services – and the information in the world that surrounds them – are digital, he says."

Google Buys Frommer's Travel to Stay a Step Ahead of Siri( ReadWriteWeb)
With the acquisition of Frommers, Google one more time proves that the future belongs to search engines who are able to go beyond search results and link data and services to customers inquiries.

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