Google With Custom URL’s And New Privacy Team , Wolfram Alpha Starts Analytics Reports For Facebook,Cambridge University Press With APIs

Let's take a close look at Week 35.

Google+ Now Has Custom URLs for Pages, Profiles (Search Engine Watch)
For now only famous brands and "verified celebrities" will be able to shorten, their URLs on Google's social network with the expectation this to be roll out to all Google users.

Nine Reasons to Save Public Libraries(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Library advocacy is crucial these days, so everyone needs to update their list with the reasons why we need to save public libraries. Annual List of Top 100 Most Sought After Out-of-Print Books (2012 ed.)(INFOdocket )
Out of print books are way to more difficult to locate, so lets see who is topping the list.

Google Hiring Privacy Red Team( Search Engine Watch)
It looks like Google is getting serious with privacy data after it got fines from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Oracle Issues Security Alert For Severe Java Vulnerability That Gives Attackers Control And Access To Personal Data( TechCrunch)
Patch your PC with the info from this security alert from Oracle, to avoid any unnecessary compilations.

Wolfram Alpha Launches Personal Analytics Reports For Facebook (TechCrunch)
If you are using Facebook and you want to see a break down of your data, Wolfram is your search engine.

Cambridge University Press Launches An API For Its Dictionaries(TechCrunch)
We should be seeing more publishers providing APIs(Application Programming Interface) to make their data more accessible and portable.

New Video from CNI: “Linked Data for Libraries: Why Should We Care? Where Should We Start? (INFOdocket)
"Linked data has the potential to transform every aspect of how we create, acquire, and discover information. By creating simple assertions in Resource Description Framework (RDF) and linking them together, a semantic web of data is created. Current library metadata encoded in Machine Readable Cataloging (MARC) is an ideal place to begin this transformation. Its consistency and quality will immediately enrich the Semantic Web and position our data where people are now searching for it."

Exploring Google’s SEO Toolset (Search Engine Watch)
The post goes over various SEO tools from Google's Webmaster Tools

EDUCAUSE: 7 Things You Should Know About the Evolution of the Textbook (New Stephen's Lighthouse)
An emerging trend is now developing with textbooks for tablets and smart phones, where the content is now much more interactive with the inclusion of 3D charts, tables, bookmarks,cross-reference, videos and more.

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