Week 36 & 37: EBSCO Enhances Teacher Resources, First Open-Source Digital Library for College Textbooks, Free Search Google Classes Offered

Week 36 & 37 will be combined.

This Is The Last Post ( The Kept-Up Academic Librarian)
I am sad to see that the " The Kept-Up Academic Librarian" blog is going away, because I have been following Steven's blog for many years but I already subscribed to his new blog Designing Better Libraries.

EBSCO Publishing Enhances Teacher Resources with Expanded Curriculum Standards( Library Technology Guides)
"EBSCO Publishing continues its commitment as partner for schools and school libraries by announcing the enhancement of the Curriculum Standards feature available through many of its popular K-8 interfaces and databases. EBSCO's Curriculum Standards module, powered by Academic Benchmarks, has been expanded to include: Common Core for mathematics and language arts, Canadian standards, and New and updated standards from U.S. states"

The Link: Back to School Edition( Librarians' Internet Index)
I am sure many librarians will find the college preparation and tutoring links from this post quite useful in the first days of the new school year.

California Passes Bills to Create Open-Source Digital Library for College Textbooks (INFOdocket )
The new bill actually will create the first US open source digital library for college textbooks. It remains to be seen if other states will follow.

EveryLibrary – a New PAC for Libraries Officially Launches( INFOdocket)
EveryLibrary is a new national political action committee (PAC) website dedicated to help local libraries on "how to run – and win – at the ballot box."

E-Readers Will Shrink in Popularity But Not Disappear, New Report Says( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
"While tablet growth surges and annual e-reader shipments decrease, there will be a place for the latter device in the foreseeable future, according to a new report.
There still remains an audience for a dedicated device that replicates the print reading experience,” said Jeff Orr, senior practice director for global devices at Oyster Bay, NY-based ABI Research, the mobile device research firm that produced the report."

Free Classes Teach You How To Google Better ( ReadWriteWeb)
Didn't have time to explore the classes but I am sure that library customers would love to gain advanced search skills with Google.

Starbucks Cards and Libraries – Would it Work? (David Lee King)
Free songs and e-books, why not? We should always keep an eye on the private business sector for new ideas.

LibraryThing’s New Personalized Book Recommendation Tool “Book Psychic” Debuts at Portland Public Library( INFOdocket)
The New BookPsychic’s Recommendation Tool uses around 200 million data points from the 300+ members of LibraryThing.com

Swiss National Library Goes Open Data ( INFOdocket)
"The Swiss National Library has started making available all of its metadata from the ‘Helveticat’ catalogue as open data. This as part of their general open data strategy. The data is being made available through API’s to everyone. The data is licensed under Creative Commons 0, allowing everyone to re-use the data for any purpose and without crediting the source."

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