Week 44:Posts From Internet Librarian,Library Info Source With EBSCO,GPO With Strategic Plan,Microsoft Offers Office 79.99 Deal For Students

I was ready with week 44 over the weekend last week, but didn't have a chance to send it earlier.

Microsoft Announces Heavily Discounted Office 365 University Edition For Students, $80 For 4 Years(TechCrunch)
Office 365 University for $79.99 for a four-year subscription for students with access to most of the Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access is a good deal that no one should pass.

Internet Librarian: Innovative, Awesome Services & Spaces (Librarian In Black)
We were lucky Sara went to the Internet Librarian conference in California this year.

Internet Librarian: Sensible Library Website Development(Librarian In Black)
I never miss Sarah's posts from conferences.

Internet Librarian: UX and Accessibility (Librarian In Black)
Another informative post by Sara, you don't want to skip.

Apple Officially Unveils The iPad Mini Starting At $329 (TechCrunch)
From day one, I felt that we should have a 7 inch and 10 inch iPads, so we can choose which one fits best to our high speed mobile life.

Library & Information Science Source now available from EBSCO Publishing( Library Technology Guides)
"Library & Information Science Source, the definitive resource in the field of library and information science, is now available from EBSCO Publishing. Library & Information Science Source is a full text resource designed to help librarians and researchers easily find the latest information in a rapidly evolving field of library and information science."

Google News Adds Expandable Clusters To Search Results(Search Engine Land)
Clusters with additional sources are now added to searches in Google News.

Internet Librarian 2012, Day 1(David Lee King)
David Lee King is sharing imprtant highlights from the 1 day of Internet Librarian conference.

Gov Docs: GPO Publishes Five-Year (2013-2017) Strategic Plan(INFOdocket)
GPO is going through a lot of changes, so it is interesting to see their new strategic plan (2013-2017)

NYC Invests $12M To Provide Free Fiber Build-Out To 240 Startups(TechCrunch)
I am sure some of our library customers who own small businesses in NYC will be interested in getting financial help with building high speed fiber connection in their offices.

50 Apps for Librarians…10.25.12(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian In Black Librarian In Black Librarian's Weblog)
John from The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog is bringing interesting reference librarian apps.

Internet Librarian: Reinventing Spaces & Places(Librarian In Black )
Reinventing spaces is essential to expanding library services.

Internet Librarian: Collaborating to Demonstrate Value( Librarian In Black)
This posts brings light into one of the collaboration projects we are working here at Queens Library with NYPL and Brooklyn Public Library.

Internet Librarian: Speed Technology Dating( Librarian In Black)
Join Me Viewer, Snaggy and Library Box are my favorite digital tools.

Internet Librarian: Marketing on the Edge(Librarian In Black)
Marketing is crucial in this difficult times and this post brings some creative marketing ideas.

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