Week 47: New Print/Ebook Pricing Comparison Report,Google Wants Politicians To Abandon Political Parties,IE 10 Fastest Browser on Windows,

Week 47 turns out to be quite interesting to cover.

Douglas County Libraries Posts New Print/Ebook Pricing Comparison Report( INFOdocket)
The report "compares consumer and library print and ebook pricing for the top 25 titles on the USA Today Bestsellers list."

Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Japanese-language Content (EContent)
"Serials Solutions and Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JAMAS) have joined forces to improved access to Japanese content on the Summon web discovery service.

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Calls On Politicians To Abandon Political Parties(TechCrunch)
"Google Co-Founder, Sergey Brin, made an extraordinary call to America’s politicians today: he pleaded for them to denounce political parties. “Please withdraw from your respective parties and govern as independents in name and in spirit,” he wrote on Google+"

Report: Internet Explorer 10 Is The Fastest Browser On Windows, Chrome 19 Wins On Mac(TechCrunch)
IE is going trough a lot of improvements lately, so it is not a surprise winning the speed race on Windows platforms.

Microsoft's "Skype In The Workspace." It's Like A Video-Based Quora(ReadWriteWeb)
the new service Skype In The Workspace, allows small businesses to communicate with each other via live Q&A sessions.

Video: Do We Still Need a Library? NYPL President/CEO Anthony Marks Shares Thoughts During Lecture at Cornell (INFOdocket)
The organizers of the lecture at Cornell, promise that we will be surprised by what Anthony Marx, president/CEO of NYPL thinks about the the future of research libraries.

How to kill a library(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
There is more than one way to destroy a public library, but the rules Stephen mentions are a sure way to disintegrate the library from your community

California State Library Releases “The Emerging Story of California Public Libraries”, A New Tool for Public Libraries( INFOdocket)
"The California State Library has announced an exciting new tool for public libraries. The Emerging Story of California Public Libraries is a document designed to help libraries reframe their stories of why they are still relevant in today’s highly technological society.
This document or story map, was presented at the Annual California Library Association Conference in San Jose California."

APIs: Take a Look at a Colorado Public Library Network OPAC Now With Integrated Records From OverDrive(INFOdocket)
Integrating ebooks with our ILS systems is user friendly and exactly what our customers want to be able to download the digital media off our electronic catalogs.

eBooks: Kansas State Library Launches Facebook Campaign Against Unfair Practices By Big 6 Publishers(INFOdocket)
I don't think libraries are doing enough to showcase the unfair ebook practices by the big publishers.

Six biggest library annoyances and how to fix them(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Some of the annoyances mentioned are also driving me crazy, especially the one about Book fines: "Libraries with policies that seem to emphasis getting books back instead of getting books out, drive me nuts. Find positive ways of helping kids and teacher show respect for other library users by the timely return of stuff. A book sitting on a shelf is worthless."

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