Week 51:Lawns In Cornell Libraries?,Basic Google Search Tips , How To Create Infographics, Google With WYSIWYG Tool For Structured Data

We are almost the the final week for 20012.

10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use
(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Very useful basic tips on how to search Google.

Fun stuff with Wolfram|Alpha(Phil Bradley's weblog )
Wolfram|Alpha is a very powerful computational search engine, which power really shines when you start searching for resolution to mathematical problems.

Relaxation Help: Cornell Brings Nature Inside Libraries(INFOdocket)
"Students from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis have installed small lawns in the lobbies of Olin and Mann libraries, as well as Duffield Hall and the Physical Sciences Building. The grass is surrounded by potted plants and chairs and, in at least one spot, a plastic caution sign warning students to beware of snakes. The project was intended to help students relax during one of the most stressful times of the school year."

Creating Infographics – Screencast Tutorial(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
Thorough guide on how to create infographics using www.easel.ly and infogr.am/

Microsoft Brings SkyDrive To Xbox 360 — Now Windows 8/Phone 8 Users Get To See Their Stuff On The Big Screen(TechCrunch)
The new SkyDrive app is now available on the Xbox 360, as well as on Windows Desktops, phones and the new Microsoft Surface tablets.

BioMed Central Launches Cases Database ( ResourceShelf)
"BioMed Central has launched a new semantically-enriched search tool, Cases Database , which aims to enhance the discovery, filtering and aggregation of medical case reports from many journals."

6 Apps Students Can Use to Create Quick Audio Recordings(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Stephen Abram is pointing to Richard Byrne post about free apps for iPad, iPhone or Android platforms, which students can use for quick audio recordings.

Google Introduces WYSIWYG Tool For Structured Data Markup(Search Engine Land)
The users now can try the Data Highlighter, a "browser based point-and-click tool that lets authorized site owners to add rich snippet / structured data markup to their web pages. Prior, the only way to add structured data markup to your web pages was to go into the HTML code and add it there."

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