Week 5 & 6:Proquest Opens Vault, EBSCO Expands eBook Academic Collect, Microsoft Starts Office 365 Home Premium, 3D-Printing On the Moon

Public Libraries: ALA Releases “E-Book Business Model Scorecard(INFOdocket)
This post will be of interest to librarians who by ebooks, because it "assesses 15 ebook contract variables of importance to libraries, ranging from ebook title inclusion, to ebook pricing, to immediate patron access."

ProQuest’s “Expansion of History Vault” Opens New Perspectives on Pivotal Eras in American History & More Recent PQ News(INFOdocket)
ProQuest is planning to open for researchers the content from its acclaimed History Vault database.

EBSCO Publishing Increases E-book Content for Academic Libraries( Library Technology Guides)
EBSCO is expanding the eBook Academic Collection to more than 112,000.

Google Tells Cops to Get Warrants for User E-Mail, Cloud Data (Library Link of the Day)
"Google demands probable-cause, court-issued warrants to divulge the contents of Gmail and other cloud-stored documents to authorities in the United States — a startling revelation Wednesday that runs counter to federal law that does not always demand warrants.The development surfaced as Google publicly announced that more than two-thirds of the user data Google forwards to government agencies across the United States is handed over without a probable-cause warrant."

Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium Arrives (Half A Decade Too Late)(TechCrunch)
Many experts feel that Microsoft came too late in the game with the subscribtion based Office 365 Home Premium, which includes support for up to five devices, 20 GB more online storage in Sky Drive, and some free minutes to use on Skype.

Rankings: Top 10 Hot Articles in Library and Information Science, January 2013( INFOdocket)
Dont know about you but I am really interested in the bX Hot Articles product from Ex Libris.

U.S. Cyber Command To Recruit 4,000 new Cyber Soldiers(ReadWriteWeb)
This post is not related to libraries but I find it intriguing that the U.S. Cyber Command, which defends against cyber attacks, is going to add 4,000 more cyber soldiers.

Forget 3D-Printed Buildings, The European Space Agency Is Exploring 3D-Printed Moon Bases( TechCrunch )
Another fascinating post about where the new 3D printing technology is leading us.

How To Backup Your Facebook Data In 5 Easy Steps(ReadWriteWeb)
Neat guide on how to backup your Facebook data.

San Francisco Public Library Eyes Laptop-Lending Kiosks( INFOdocket)
Laptop and tablet lending kiosks are going to enter more and more libraries in the US to facilitate automatic distribution of laptops and tablets

New Engineering and Technology eBook Collection from EBSCO Publishing( ResourceShelf)
EBSCO started two new e-book subscription libraries Engineering Core and IT Core.

Prison and Libraries: Public Service Inside and Out(Library Journal)
Very detailed article about services libraries provide to prisons.

Public Library Resources (Infographic)(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Curious to see what technology resources your library customers are more likely to use.

Google Brings 38 Additional Ski Resorts To Google Maps(TechCrunch)
It wil be nice, if wee see a lot more ski resorts on Google Maps.

Google Says 2,000 Schools Now Use Chromebooks, 2x As Many As Just 3 Months Ago(TechCrunch)
Google's ChromeBooks for Education project is getting steam, but honestly which school district is going to hesitate to by the Acer C7 Chromebook for $229 with support and 100GB Google Drive Cloud Storage.

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