Week 12,13&14:SirsiDynix With MobileCirc,7 Things About Infographic Creation Tools,Google Starts GIF Search And Google Internet Stats

The Economist Reports on eBooks and Public Libraries(INFOdocket)
I wouldn't miss this report on e-books and public libraries from "The Economist", regardless of the fact, whether you are a public librarian or not.

Google Research Releases Wikilinks Corpus With 40M Mentions And 3M Entities(TechCrunch)
"Google Research just launched its Wikilinks corpus, a massive new data set for developers and researchers that could make it easier to add smart disambiguation and cross-referencing to their applications. The data could, for example, make it easier to find out if two web sites are talking about the same person or concept, Google says"

SirsiDynix reveals new mobile circulation client at COSUGI 2013( Library Technology Guides)
I am a big fan of mobile inventory applications, and I am sure libraries, using SirsiDynix Horizon and Symphony ILS will look into MobileCirc, the new SirsiDynix mobile circulation client.

Five Best Google Reader Alternatives(LifeHacker)
Needless to say how disapointed everyone is with Gooogle's decision to shutdown Google Reader,despite the fact how popular and useful the RSS reader is for the blogging communities.

Serials Solutions Announces Release of Summon 2.0(INFOdocket)
The new Summon 2.0 comes with Summon Topic Explorer™ ( dynamically display background information for more than 50,000 topics) and Summon Scholar Profiles (provides information for more than 3 million scholars from ProQuest Scholar Universe).

7 Things You Should Know About Infographic Creation Tools( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
" The term “infographic” is used to describe a wide range of things, from relatively simple graphics to complex visual presentations of large amounts of data and ideas, sometimes in interactive online formats…A new breed of tools is emerging—such as Visual.ly, Easel.ly, Infogr.am, and Piktochart — that allow faster and easier creation of infographics, enabling users without deep skills in graphic design or the software that support it."

Library Copyright Alliance Statement on Supreme Court Decision in Kirtsaeng v. Wiley—Total Victory for Libraries and Their Users(Association of research Libraries)
The court decision one more time confirms that "the author’s right to control a particular copy of her work ends after the first sale. The first sale doctrine is especially important to libraries, whose primary activity throughout history has been to buy copies of works and make them available to their communities by lending."

Google Makes Animated Gifs A Permanent Part Of Image Search, Find Falling Cats Easier(TechCrunch)
Google is rolling out a GIF search now, under "type" to filter your search with animated GIFs.

Gov Docs: GPO (Government Printing Office) Releases 2012 Annual Report( INFOdocket)
For government librarians, the 2010 GPO Annual Report.

Presentations From “E-books in Libraries: A Global Question of Survival?” Seminar Now Online(INFOdocket)
It looks like contracting with publishers for e-books is a challenge for libraries all over the world.

Google – Internet Stats Source( Phil Bradley's weblog)
Phill Bradley found a cool sources of the latest Internet data, called Google Internet Stats.

Three Years After Launch: The Bookless Library at The University of Texas at San Antonio(INFOdocket)
Never seen a bookless library, take a look at the video at the bottom of the post.

New Flipboard App Lets Readers Become Editors( EContent RSS Feeds)
The new upgrade allows customers to save content from different articles and "organize it" as editors into magazines.

Reference: U.S. Federal Government Releases Expanded Consumer Complaint Database, Adds Student Loan Data( INFOdocket)
The Consumer Complaint Database is expanded from about 19,000 credit card complaints to more than 90,000 complaints on "mortgages, student loans, bank accounts and services, other consumer loans, and credit cards."

Credo adds text to speech through partnership with ReadSpeaker(Library Technology Guides )
Credo Reference has integrated text to speech into Literati solutions.

How the Internet is making us poor( Library Link of the Day)
Strongly recommend the article, which brings some interesting facts about the relation between employment and software technology development.

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