Week15:FacebookHome Starts On Android Phones,PlusD The Searchable Library Of US Cables On Wikileaks,Barnes & Noble With Nook Press

NEW TED Talks: The Emergence of “4D Printing”(American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
4D Printing is a lot more interesting than 3D printing.

Facebook Home and HTC First Review: A Nice Place to Visit, but Not Quite Home(ABC News)
"That's really the crux of Facebook Home, a new Facebook-first software experience that turns Android phones into, well, Facebook phones.Mark Zuckerberg made that extremely clear…"Our phones are designed around apps, not people. And we want to flip that around." And flip it around he did. With Home, your Facebook friends take center stage on your phone's homescreen, and your apps fade into the background."

State of New York Closing Prison Law Libraries(INFOdocket)
New York’s State Prison Commission wants to twist the law and allow prisons to get rid of their libraries.

A national digital library endowment: How America’s billionaires could be modern Carnegies for real( LLRX.com)
National Digital Library Endowment created with funds from wealthy billionaires to support the development of digital media in libraries…?Why not.

Reference: WikiLeaks Releases More Cables and Introduces “Public Library of US Diplomacy(INFOdocket)
WikiLeaks Public Library of US Diplomacy (PlusD), is the name of the new "public library" of US confidential diplomatic communications with 2 million records.

What is the DPLA?( Library Link of the Day)
Digital Public Library of America was founded by leaders of public, and academic libraries to work together to create “an open, distributed network of comprehensive online resources that would draw on the nation’s living heritage from libraries, universities, archives, and museums in order to educate, inform, and empower everyone in current and future generations.”

British Library to Archive the Nation’s ‘Digital Memory’ by Capturing Billions of Web Pages…04.09.13(The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
the video summarized in short the intend of British Library to archive Britain's digital presence: all Web pages and other digital content.

Nook Debuts Nook Press, A New Self-Publishing Platform To Compete With Kindle Direct Publishing(TechCrunch)
Nook Press, is a a new self-publishing platform developed by Barnes & Noble.

Reference: New Website for State Online Legal Information From AALL( INFOdocket)
The new "My Communities" from AALP (American Association of Law Libraries) provides information about "the status of online legal materials in every state with respect to authentication, official status, preservation, permanent public access, copyright, and universal citation."

Gale Partners with the Associated Press to Digitize Holdings( ResourceShelf)
Gale has an agreement with Associated Press (AP) to archive the news agency's corporate archive.

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