Week19:Journalism Resources,ebrary Expands Academic Complete,New Global Plants, Energy Legislation And Trade Monitoring Databases

Queens, New York: “Officials Rally For Library Funding” (INFOdocket)
That is right! If you live in NYC and you want to continue using library services, prepare for a job, do homework research, learn English,read the latest book,watch a popular movie, attend a library program, walk within one mile to your local library, you need to speak up!

Here's What The Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Through Google Glass(TechCrunch)
Couldn't resist to take peek at both the Large Hadron Collider and Google Glass.

New Discussion Paper From National Library of Luxembourg: “Libraries and Publications of the Future”(INFOdocket)
The shift from print to digital brings a whole other set of issues like mass digitization and a lot more.

Journalism Resources on the Internet( LLRX.com)
The all-inclusive Internet guides by Marcus P. Zillman are always welcome on this blog.

23 Mobile Things everyone should know(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
The list of 23 can always be updated and I cannot agree more that those listed here are pretty basic and important.

ebrary Adds 1,500 to Academic Complete( ResourceShelf)
"ebrary continues to expand its flagship subscription database Academic Complete™ with 1,500 high quality titles from prestigious publisher John Wiley & Sons. The new content focuses on academic reading levels, and covers Wiley’s most prestigious imprints, including Bloomberg Press, Josey-Bass, Wiley, Wiley-Blackwell, Wrox, Sybex, and more."

Global Plants Initiative and JSTOR Release Online Database for the Study of Plants(INFOdocket)
The new JSTOR database Global Plants has more than 1.8 million records for "plant species that are catalogued in herbaria around the world—along with their scientific names and classifications"

Reference: New Database From Colorado State University Tracks Energy Legislation In All 50 States(INFOdocket)
Advanced Energy Legislation (AEL) Tracker, is the name of the new database for energy-related state legislation pending in all 50 states maintained by Colorado State University.

Reference: World Trade Organization Launches New Trade Monitoring Database( INFOdocket)
The World Trade Organization (WTO) started a new trade monitoring database, which "will be updated each time a new trade monitoring report has been discussed by WTO members"

The Power and Relevance of Libraries(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
A must see post, especially for library management to find out how libraries are perceived through the eyes of our customers and what services our customers recommend.

APIs Are The Doors To Web Services – And They Need Locks(ReadWriteWeb)
Unsecured APIs are dangerous and your IT folks already know that.

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