Week 31 & 32: Copyright With MOOC, Open Access in Libraies?, Faster Google Wi-Fi At Starbucks,Libraries Use Bikes To Reach Out

New Brief From EDUCAUSE: “Copyright Challenges in MOOC Environments”" (INFOdocket)
Establishing copyrights with Massive Open Online Course is challenging because " each MOOC provider, for example, establishes a proprietary claim on material included in its courses, licenses to the user the terms of access and use of that material, and establishes its ownership claim of user-generated content"

New Full Text Reference Publication: European Social Statistics – 2013 Edition (Free)(INFOdocket)
"The pocketbook of European social statistics [available free online, PDF], is intended for both generalists and specialists, provides a comparative overview of the social statistics available in 27 Member States and the Candidate Countries of the European Union, as well as in the EFTA states"

Encouraging a Culture of Openness in Libraries [Jessamyn West]( Library Link of the Day)
Making the case for open access is never easy but Jessamyn West has done a good job in her presentation " Encouraging a Culture of Openness in Libraries".

Google Will Make Starbucks Wi-Fi Faster(Search Engine Watch)
In a month or so, customers at Starbucks will enjoy 10x times faster Internet with the help of the engineers at Google.

FBI Can Remotely Activate Android Smartphone And Laptop Mics, WSJ Reports(TechCrunch)
Technically it is not impossible at all, but it sounds a little scary.

Google Play Adds Digital Textbooks For Rent And Purchase(TechCrunch)
For about 80 percent of the purchase price customers can now rent (or buy) textbooks via Google Play from publishers like Pearson, Wiley, Macmillian Higher Education, Random House, McGraw-Hill and others.

Study: At-home 3-D printing could save consumers 'thousands'(Library Link of the Day)
Researchers at Michigan Technological University conducted a study to find out how much a family might save by printing common objects, such as simple replacement parts or toys, at home instead of buying them in stores or online."It was relatively shocking what the return on investment was," said associate professor Joshua Pearce, who led the study. "Realistically, it's in the thousands

Public Libraries: Far Fewer Toronto Library Customers Fail to Pick Up Holds(INFOdocket)
After users of Toronto Public Library system were told that they have to pay fees for not picking up their requested items, the library saw a "dramatic drop in the number of people failing to pick up requested materials"- 192,970 holds were left on the shelves "from last September through June of this year".

Denver Public Library is Introducing “DPL Connect”, A Mobile Library and Hotspot That Uses Pedal Power Later This Week(INFOdocket)
Another library is now using bicycles to reach out to customers.

Firefox 23 Launches With Built-in Share Button, New Security Features On Desktop, Updated “Awesome Screen” On Mobile(TechCrunch)
The new version of Firefox supports "share button", which works with Facebook Messenger for Firefox and allows users to post to Facebook.

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