Week34:IFLA Identifies Trends,Atingo New eBook Startup,eBooks Guide By Kroski,Google Updates Dictionary, NYC Without SchoolLibraries?

eBooks in Libraries: “Startup Atingo Promises ‘Radical’ Approach to E-Book Library Lending” (INFOdocket)
Atingo, the new startup company promises to "radically change the conditions for the lending of e-books" and take into consideration the interests of the publishers.

Digital Humanities: University of North Carolina Develops Online Tool For Mapping History (INFOdocket)
Digital Humanities Toolkit or DH Press, is a new tool created by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to ease the way for users to create "websites, virtual tours, data maps and multimedia archives with a WordPress platform."

International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) Identifies Five High Level Information Trends in New Report(INFOdocket)
Here are briefly some of the trends listed in the latest IFLA report: new technologies and limitation of who has access to information, online education disrupting global learning and super-connected societies will empower new groups.

68 essential resources for eBooks in libraries by Ellyssa Kroski( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
This thorough ebooks guide by Ellyssa Kroski is divided into several categories, including devices, blogs, purchasing, collections and creating.

Google Search Gets Improved Dictionary Definitions With Sample Sentences, Synonyms, Translations And Usage Stats( TechCrunch)
Google's customers can now search for dictionary words with synonyms, translations, usage stats and more.

Microsoft Launches Skype For Outlook.com In The US, UK, Germany, France, Brazil And Canada(TechCrunch)
Skype integration within Outlook.com email is now a reality in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, France, Brazil and Canada.

New York City: NYC School Librarians Hold Protest to Protect Jobs ( INFOdocket )
Leaving school libraries in New York City without librarians is definitely not a good idea. Today more than ever students need guidance on how to assess, evaluate and search information resources.

35 Powerful Cloud Tools for Modern Librarians(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Definitely a cloud services post with resources from Stephen Abram that should be noted.

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