Week:48,49, 50 51&52 Completely digital library in Texas?, 3M Cloud Library Integrated with eResource Central,Why Libraries Are Important

Happy New 2014 ! This is the last post for 2013.

Completely digital library opens in Texas ( The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian's Weblog)
Interesting experiment in Texas is going on. Checkout the video.

Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2014(LLRX.com)
As always, make sure you check the Marcus P. Zillman's guide to Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources.

Digitization Projects: Bodleian and the Vatican Libraries Publish Ancient Texts Online(INFOdocket)
If you are interested in ancient religious texts, The Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford and the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (BAV) have digitized online "some of the world’s most unique and important Bibles and biblical texts from their collections'

SirsiDynix integrates 3M Cloud library with eResource Central eRC continues to offer more provider integrations than any other solution (Library Technology Guides)
"SirsiDynix announced that the 3M Cloud Library has been integrated with eResource Central, bringing more than 200,000 titles and hundreds of publishers to the eRC ecosystem. Library users at eRC-enabled libraries see in-catalog availability for 3M Cloud Library titles, and they can check titles out to their devices from the library catalog".

Libraries reinvent themselves for the 21st century (InfoDocket)
Interesting summary about the new trends in library services.

New Study Uncovers Surprising Results of eBook & Printed Books Trends(New Stephen's Lighthouse )
Did you know that "despite their perceived popularity, 60% of eBooks downloaded are never read in the US" ?

PDF search engine (Phil Bradley's weblog)
I often find myself searching for a pdf documents, so heaving a dedicated search engine will make my job much easier.

Phil Bradley Sides: Advanced Internet Searching(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
A must see presentation on advanced Google search techniques by the master Phil Bradley.

Presentation: Turning Information into Insight by Mary Ellen Bates( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
I never miss presentations by Mary Ellen Bates, and I strongly advise you to follow my example.

Why Libraries Rule the World: Infographic(New Stephen's Lighthouse)
It is important to remind to our stakeholders why libraries are important and why they need adequate funding.

Maine: A Look at Some of the Non-Traditional Items Users Can Borrow at Libraries Around the State( INFOdocket)
Who says that libraries should only lend books, movies and digital materials?

Columbia University Libraries/Information Services, the New York Public Library, and Princeton University Library appoint Jacob Nadal as executive director of the Research Collections and Preservation Consortium(Library Technology Guide)
" Columbia University Libraries/Information Services, the New York Public Library, and Princeton University Library announced today the appointment of Jacob Nadal as Executive Director of The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), the country's largest offsite library shelving facility jointly owned and operated by the three institutions."

Denver Public Library is Seeking Local Music for its Brand New Volume Denver Program ( INFOdocket)
Volume Denver is the name of the new website Denver Public Library is planning to launch this year that will provide library card holders with access to local musicians.

eBooks: VTLS integrates 3M Cloud Library into Chamo Discovery and MozGo Mobile App( INFOdocket)
VTLS has integrated access to 3M Cloud Library within their web Chamo OPAC and MozGo mobile app interfaces.

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