Week 1,2,3 & 4: EBSCO With Communication Source, Microsoft Renames SkyDrive,Cool Raspberry Pi Projects,Verizon, You Don’t Own The Internet

Microsoft Will Allow Foreign Customers To Store Data Outside The U.S. (ReadWriteWeb)
Foreign Microsoft customers who are afraid that their data might be snooped in the United States will be offered the option to store the data on non U.S. servers.

Technologies in Libraries: What’s Next (New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Awesome presentation by Michale Sauers from the The Travelin' Librarian.

Microsoft's SkyDrive Personal Cloud To Be Rebranded As OneDrive (ReadWriteWeb)
Following unsuccessful suit, Microsoft is going to rename SkyDrive to OneDrive.

EBSCO Information Services releases Communication Source: the most comprehensive resource for communication research available (Library Technology Guides)
"EBSCO Information Services continues to expand coverage in the field of communication with the release of Communication Source. Communication Source is the most comprehensive resource for communication research available today. The resource was developed from a merger of high-quality EBSCO databases, Communication and Mass Media Complete and Communication Abstracts, and includes many unique sources never previously available."

ProQuest Announces Intota Assessment customers
(Library Technology Guides)
"University libraries around the world will be implementing the Intota Assessment collection analytics service from ProQuest. Launched late last year, Intota Assessment provides tools that enable libraries to showcase the value of their collections and demonstrate return on investment for their collection budge"

A National Ebook Library Lending Program Goes Live at Public Libraries in the Netherlands(INFOdocket)
Netherlands is looking to break the model of ebook lending " one copy, one use" and come up with a new model where a fee is paid each time a book is lend and there are no restrictions on how many customers can borrow a book.

12 Cool Projects For Your Raspberry Pi (+ ReadWriteWeb )
A Raspberry Pi fan. here are some cool projects!

LogMeIn Kills Its Eponymous Free Service, Uproar Ensues(TechCrunch)
You will no longer be able to use LogMeIn for free, unless you are ready to pay $49/year for two computers.

Serials Solutions is now called ProQuest (Library Technology Guides)
Proquest is renaming Serials Soutions because they felt that that "having too many brand names in the mix creates unnecessary confusion."

Ohio: Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral Makerspace Has Just Opened(INFOdocket)
Cleveland Public Library’s digital creative makerspace is cutting edge and very well organized.

Laptop & iPad Checkout Machine at SJCPL(Tame The Web)
The in-house checkout machine saves staff and customers time.

Dear Verizon, You Don’t Own The Internet—No One Does( TechCrunch)
Net Neutrality, like all laws, is a complicated issue. …But, Verizon should not fool anyone into thinking that the decision is theirs to make because they dug holes in the ground for Internet fiber. They did not build the Internet alone. They do not own it. We all do and it is our decision to democratically make."

Google Images Makes it Easier to Search by Usage Rights (Search Engine Watch)
Google customers can now search for images with specific usage rights.

Indiana: Jennings County Public Library Hopes to End Electric Bills, Will Go All Solar(INFOdocket)
"The Jennings County Public Library is hoping to save $60,000 a year by installing solar panels on its roof.The city council approved the project last night."

Firefox OS Comes To Smart TVs( ReadWriteWeb)
The new smart Panasonic TVs will have Firefox OS through the newly developed WebAPIs. In addition Mozilla promises to control devices other home devices through the TV set.

Computer program predicts best sellers – Therefore, we are doomed (TechEye)
Why aren't publisher investing in this software?

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