Week 14,15,16,17 &18: Innovative Acquires Polaris,Paul Ryan Recommends Eliminating IMLS, Boundless -New Cloud Based eTextbooks Platform, Serendipity Searches Linked Data

Part Siri, Part Google Now: Microsoft Announces “Cortana” Virtual Assistant ( Search Engine Land)
Cortana is the new Microsoft virtual assistant, in close competition with  Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

Innovative Interfaces Acquires Polaris Library Systems ( INFOdocket )
The presence of Innovative Interfaces in the public library sector  is definitely increasing after the acquisition of Polaris.

A New Issue of The Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication Now Online
A lot of interesting articles covering faculty and student concerns about scholarly communication in the new issue of the  Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication ( JLSC).

Maker Spaces in Academic Libraries…04.08.14 (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
Presentation by Tod Colegrove from University of Nevada.

ALA Responds to Rep. Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal That Recommends Elimination of IMLS (INFOdocket)
“We were shocked to learn that Representative Paul Ryan recommended eliminating IMLS, the agency that promotes library services for the American public. .. More than $180 million has been appropriated to the Institute for Museum and Library Services through September 2014 to help libraries make information and services available to the citizens they serve.”

You Can Now Create Windows And Windows Phone Apps In One Go With Microsoft’s App Studio ( TechCrunch)
The new Microsoft App Studio allows you to create both Windows and Windows Phone applications.

New Online: ACRL Releases Second Part of Draft Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education ( INFOdocket )
Academic librarians can familiarize themselves with the ACRL’s (  Association of College & Research Libraries) second part of the draft  Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Successfully Designing Developing and Implementing Digital Libraries…04.08.14 (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
A must see presentation for any librarian interested in setting up digital services.

New York: Long Island Library Had ‘Excessive’ Budget Surpluses For 6 Years 
( INFOdocket )
A new state audit [of the North Shore Public Library in Shoreham, NY] has found that the library had a surplus of between $2.1 million and $2.4 million every year from 2006 to 2012. The state comptroller called the surpluses “excessive” and said they were racked up without transparency, limiting local taxpayers’ abilities to make budget decisions.North Shore Library Director Laura Hawrey says the library feels it was being “prudent” by reserving the surplus funds for retirement, pensions and insurance. ”

What You Need To Know About Heartbleed, A Really Major Bug That Short-Circuits Web Security ( ReadWriteWeb )
A lot has beer written about the dangers of the Heartbleed bug. Here is a practical advise how to protect yourself from ReadWrite Web)

EBSCO Partners with Boopsie to Provide Research Service for Mobile Users (ResourceShelf )
” Boopsie, Inc. and EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) have announced a partnership establishing Boopsie as an official Mobile Technology Partner. Boopsie will now be able to provide a more seamless research workflow within the Boopsie platform for the thousands of databases, e-books and journals available from EBSCO.”

NYC’s Flatiron School Raises $5.5 Million To Teach People To Code For A Living( TechCrunch )
$9,000 is a bit pricey for 12 week programming course, but if you are able to obtain employment  and this is being something that you always wanted to do, it is definitely worth the trial.

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop On Android, Allowing Mobile Access To Your PC(TechCrunch)
This is cool! the new “Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android”, released by Google  will empower you to remote to your PC from any Android mobile device.

Harvard Business Review Press eBooks Available for Purchase via EBSCO eBook Platform (ResourceShelf )
Business and Corporate Librarians need to be aware that all digital editions of Harvard Business Review Press titles are now available via the EBSCO eBooks .

Connecticut House of Representatives Passes Bill to Create Statewide Ebook Platform
If the bill becomes a law, Connecticut will be the first state with it E-book platform and the State Library Board  will have negotiating rights with publishers.

Colorado: Denver Public Library’s “Volume” Program Begins Acceptings Submission From Local Musicians ( INFOdocket)
I am totally in love with all libraries like Denver Public, Ann Arbor, Iowa City Library  ( see bottom of post for the whole list ) who are creating online music communities by integrating access to DRM-free music created by their customers for their customers.

Confronting the Myth of the ‘Digital Native’ ( The Travelin’ Librarian )
Michael Sauers hit the nail on the head: not everyone is privileged enough to be “digital native”.

eTextbooks: Boundless Releases New Cloud Platform, Hopes to Become the Wikipedia of College Textbooks ( INFOdocket )
Low cost textbooks, available in the cloud is the new service model for Boundless. “In five to 10 years, I think people will look back at textbooks the way we look back at encyclopedias,” Ariel Diaz, chief executive and co-founder of Boundless, said. “The notion of carrying around this antiquated textbook will become very quaint, very quickly.”

Google Street View Now Lets You Go Back In Time (TechCrunch)
A small clock icon in Google Street View will  now allow users to see  older images.  For moos of the US, Google  cars are able to visit twice a year.

Google Analytics For Beginners…04.23.14 (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
Ryan does a good job covering the basics of Google Analytics in this presentation.

Codecademy Moves To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Programming Education (TechCrunch)
We love Codecademy at Queens Library and we use it a lot.

BiblioCommons launches integrated catalog and website management platform in partnership with Chicago Public Library (Library Technology Guides)
I tested the site on a PC and a mobile phone and was very impressed how well it renders on both.

Friday Video: Library As Publisher (The Travelin’ Librarian )
Michael Sauers  from the  The Travelin’ Librarian  found the monthly online “Brown Bag” discussions about the idea of “Library as Publisher”. “These one hour online discussions will feature case studies meant to educate and inspire. Participants will have the chance to ask questions of those libraries that have already entered the realm of publishing with services such as open textbooks, local author fairs, publishing assistance, digital commons, income generating websites, and more, and they will be encouraged to share their own ideas and stories as well. ”

Serendipity, a New Faceted Search Tool Utilizes Linked Data to Help With Discovery of Open Educational Resources ( INFOdocket )
With more and more open education resources being developed, we definitely need Serendipity, the new search tool for open educational resources (OER) and OpenCourseWare (OCW) materials.

The Past, Present, and Future of Demand Driven Acquisitions in Academic Libraries (New Stephen’s Lighthouse )
An interesting article  by  Edward A. Goedeken  and Karen Lawson  from Iowa State University on demand driven acquisitions in academic libraries.

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