Week 23,24,25,26,27:New York Public Revises Renovation Plan, Innovative Acquires VTLS, Apple With New Programming Language – Swift, Connecticut Aims At Statewide E-Book Delivery System, Nashville Public Library With Seed Exchange Program,

New York Public Library Reveals Revised Rennovation Plan ( INFOdocket)
“Anthony W. Marx, the library’s president, said the historic stacks in the main building, whose removal was a disputed element in the original plan designed by the architect Norman Foster, would be kept, but not returned to service as a storage area for books.The cost of bringing the stacks up to code is projected to be $46 million, $24 million more than it would cost to put the books underground, a sum that Mr. Marx said the library can use “for hiring more librarians and buying more books.”

Innovative Interfaces Acquires VTLS ( ALA TechSource Blog)
Queens Library is a VTLS shop, and we are quite happy with our ILS Virtua. It remains to be seen what the new merger with Innovative Interfaces is going to bring us.

Apple Launches Swift, A New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps ( TechCrunch)
Apple lunched a new programming language called Swift, which is suppose to replace Objective-C as the main programming language.

Connecticut Governor Signs Bill Creating State-Wide Electronic Book Delivery System ( INFOdocket)
Connecticut is the first state to  pass a legislation that will enable the Connecticut State Library to create a statewide e-book delivery system.

E-Book Version Now Available for the 2013 Best Practices for Government Libraries – Managing Evolving Resources: Strategies, Capabilities, and Alternatives ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
I am sure that government librarians will useful the new free e-book version for the 2013 “Best Practices for Government Libraries – Managing Evolving Resources: Strategies, Capabilities, and Alternatives”.

U.S. Census Launches Dataset “Discovery Tool” & Adds New Datasets To API ( INFOdocket)
The Census started a new  machine-readable dataset discovery service: http://api.census.gov/data.html and added new datasets to its API (Application Programming Interface), including three decades (1990, 2000 and 2010) of census statistics and statistics from the American Community Survey covering one-, three- and five-year periods of data collection.

Indiana University, Colorado State University, University of Florida and University of Michigan Form Unizin to leverage new technologies for sharing digital content and improving student outcomes (Library Technology Guides)
” Four leading U.S. research universities have partnered to form the Unizin consortium, a university-owned and directed consortium, which will provide a suite of services to any member institution for many forms of digital education including residential and online, services for sharing course content, and comprehensive learning analytics. Unizin aims to significantly improve the tools for faculty and universities to enhance effective education.”

Tennessee:  “Nashville Libraries Encourage People to Grow Food” ( INFOdocket)
Nashville Public Library started a new Seed Exchange program, which offers “vegetable, fruit, herb and flower seeds to the public at no charge.”

U.S. Gov Makes Machine-Readable Data on 700+ Federal R&D Facilities, First Time All Data Available in One Place (INFOdocket)
For the first time the federal government  upgraded the data on https://www.data.gov/research to include in one place, machine-readable data on “over 700 Federal R&D facilities that may be utilized by external entrepreneurs and innovators to research, prototype, and test new technologies.”

ACRL Releases Revised Draft of Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (INFOdocket)
The newly revised draft is here .

Augmented Reality: 32 Resources About Using it in Education ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
I don’t want to miss this awesome resource post by Stephen Abram.

Demand Driven Acquisitions in Libraries (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
Interested in Demand Driven Acquisitions in Libraries , then, read the recommendation practice by NISO (National Information Standards Organization).

Stan Lee Speaks at ALA 2014…06.30.14 (American Libraries Perpetual Beta)
If you missed this year’s ALA, here is an opportunity to listen to the comic book master Stan Lee .

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