Week 47: New from Canada : Financial Literacy Database & Investment “AdvisorReport”, Amazon Starts The First Home Personal Assistant Echo,Fixing Broken Library Communications

Two New Reference Resources From Canada: Financial Literacy Database & Investment “AdvisorReport” Database (INFOdocket)
The new Canadian Financial Literacy Database provides customers with “a list of financial management resources, events, tools and information from various organizations across Canada.” In addition, customers “who are already working with or choosing to work with an advisor may find the AdvisorReport particularly useful as it provides important information about the background, education, qualifications and experience of those working for IIROC regulated firms.”

Amazon Goes All Siri On Your Living Room
Amazon has developed the first home voice activated personal assistant application called  Echo, which, can “tell you news and weather information; play your favorite music from Amazon Music Library, Prime Music, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio; and set to-do lists and alarms to remind you of important details later—plus it learns your speech and behavior to adapt to your vocabulary and preferences.

Google Just Released Hundreds of Cool Icons That You Can Use For Free ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
If you need icons for your next digital project, look no further, Google just released hundred of free cool icons.

Death of the Library Website Redesign [Tammy Wolf & Melissa Johnson] ( Library Link of the Day)
Do we redesign our website completely, or build new changes in small incremental steps, building on user expectation? See the answer to this question in the presentation by Tammy Wolf and Melissa Johnson.

School Libraries and Student Achievement ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Librarians and library administrators know very well that there is a direct correlation between school libraries, school librarians and student achievement

Amazon.com Releases “Best Books of 2014″ Lists ( INFOdocket)
As usual, the top book lists from Amazon include  the top 100 books for 2014  “as well as Top 20 lists in over two dozen categories, from Children’s & Teen to Cookbooks to Celebrity Picks.”

President Obama Calls For A Free And Open Internet, Wants It Reclassified As A Utility ( TechCrunch)
Take a look at the short video of President Barack Obama who is has come out in favor of net neutrality.

Microsoft Launches Free, Unrestricted Version Of Visual Studio For Small Teams ( TechCrunch)
“Microsoft today launched the Community 2013 edition of Visual Studio, which essentially replaces the very limited Visual Studio Express version the company has been offering for a few years now.”

New Video: LITA Forum 2014 Keynote: Lorcan Dempsey (OCLC Research) on “Thinking About Technology…Differently” ( INFOdocket)
I didn’t have time yet to look at the video of Lorcan Dempsey’s keynote presentation at LITA Forum 2014.-

Broken Library Communications and How to Fix Them (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
I totally enjoyed the presentation by Andy Priestner & Ange Fitzpatrick.

The Plastics of 3D Printing (ALA TechSource)
This is the third part of a series of posts  from Jason Griffey’s Library Technology Report “3D Printers for Libraries.

Library UX presentation ( The Travelin’ Librarian )
An awesome presentation by Michael Saures from theThe Travelin’ Librarian” and Laura Johnson at  the Northeast Florida Library Information Network.

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