Week 48: Association of Research Libraries 2012-2013 Statistical Reports, Kindle Software Update Lets You Share Your Books With A Partner,NYC Offering Super Fast Wi-Fi in 2015,Overview of Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums

Association of Research Libraries Publishes Three 2012-2013 Statistical Reports (New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
The Association of Research Libraries  ( ARL) published three reports on collections, expenditures, personnel, and services in the 125 member libraries, 73 law and 60 health libraries.

Engines For Change: Libraries as drivers of engagement ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Brian Mathew’s paper come with high recommendations, so I plan to make up time this weekend to go over it.

Kindle Software Update Lets You Share Your Amazon Library With A Partner And More ( TechCrunch)
Wih the new software update for Kindle e-reader customers now have access to Family Library, which wild allow them to access not only their your own books, but also those of a spouse, partner or family member.

New Issue Alert: Journal of Library Innovation (Vol 5, No 2; 2014) Now Available Online ( INFOdocket)
The The Embedded Librarian’s Cookbook is the first article , I am going to read from the new issue of the  Journal of Library Innovation . 

RLUK and OCLC partner for shared collection management and visibility goals (Library Technology Guides)
“OCLC and Research Libraries UK (RLUK), a consortium of the largest research organisations in the UK and Ireland, today announced an expanded partnership that will help RLUK achieve key strategic objectives for shared collection management and resource discovery.”

The Importance of Being a Reference Librarian ( Library Link of the Day)
The importance of reference librarians in public and specialized libraries can never be understated.

NYC Launches Free Gigabit Speed Wi-Fi Network ( TechCrunch)
In 2015 public spaces in NYC will offer new super fast Wi-Fi, “more than 100 times faster than average municipal Wi-fi and 20 times faster than the average home internet service in NYC. People will be capable of downloading a two-hour high-def movie in as little as 30 seconds, boasts the City’s press materials announcing the network.”

A User-Centered Approach to Designing Digital Library Applications…11.18.14 (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
I am sure that library developers and UX designers will enjoy the presentation .

Digital Libraries & Labs – From Portals to Platforms…11.18.14 (The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog)
Another interesting presentation captured by John Lang from The Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog.

EBSCO Information Services Releases eBook Education Collection (EBSCO )
EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has released eBook Education Collection™ a new subscription e-book collection. eBook Education Collection features more than 2,800 quality titles supporting students and faculty in education studies.”

Not only FDM: Other Types of 3D Printing (Smart Libraries Newsletter )
This is the fourth part of the posts by Jason Griffey’s dedicated to  “3D Printers for Libraries.

New Publication: “Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums: Transformative Spaces for Teens” ( INFOdocket)
If your library is developing a new teen space , you will probably be interested in the IMLS “Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums: Transformative Spaces for Teens

ProQuest creates the first complete, digital trove of executive orders and presidential proclamations (Library Technology Guides)
ProQuest developed the first complete digital collection of more than 79,000 executive orders, proclamations, directives and policy statements by US presidents.

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