Week 50: NYPL Expands Free Wi-Fi Loan Program,IMLS Announces New Funding Opportunities, 3D Scanning, Center for Research Libraries Offers Revised LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement

Pew: The Next Library and the People Who Will Use It ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
If 30% of the customers in Lee Rainie’s survey dont know much or nothing at all of what their libraries offer, we all have a lot of work to do.

New York Public Library Expands Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Loan Program
( INFOdocket)
This is one of the projects I am currently working on.  Thanks to the generosity of Google and the Knight Foundation, Queens Library and Brooklyn Public Library will also be able to distribute free Sprint Wi-Fi Hotspots to their library customers.  The loan program originated at New York Public Library with with a 100-unit pilot program.

IMLS Announces Funding Opportunities For Libraries: 2nd Round of FY 15 National Leadership Grants & Sparks! Ignition Grants (
“This year, IMLS offered two opportunities to apply for FY 2015 National Leadership Grants for Libraries. This NOFO announces the February 2, 2015 deadline and is a call for two-page preliminary proposals.” Applicants  From the proposals, we will select applicants and invite them to submit full proposals in June. Applicants are invited to address two project categories: national digital platform  and learning spaces in libraries.

Library Technology Forecast for 2015 and Beyond [Computers in Libraries ( Library Link of the Day)
Marshall Breeding technology forecast for 2015 foresees further development with 3D printing, mobile, makerspaces, and near field communication (NFC) .

L.A. School District iPad Program Ends Amid FBI Suspicions (ReadWriteWeb)
“L.A. school district officials have turned over twenty boxes of documents pertaining to its troubled iPad project in response to a federal grand jury’s subpoena, the LA Times reports. What was intended to be a $1.3 billion project to equip every student in the district with an iPad running Pearson education software has been plagued with issues since the beginning”

Burn the Libraries and Free the Librarians ( Library Link of the Day)
Didn’t have time to listen to the whole presentation by David Lankes, but plan to do so over the weekend.

3D Scanning ( Smart Libraries Newsletter)
This post is part of the series with excerpts from Jason Griffey’s Library Technology Report “3D Printers for Libraries.”

CRL, ARL, CLIR, CDL, and Others Publish Revised LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement(INFOdocket)
“The Center for Research Libraries (CRL)—in collaboration with several partners, including ARL—has released the major upgrade of an important tool for library investment in electronic resources: a revised LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement. The new model license incorporates the best practices of the library profession and the best advice of legal and publishing professionals.”

California: Driving New Toyota Priuses Fresno County Librarians Leave The Branch Behind, Hit The Road ( INFOdocket)
Fresno County Library came up with a new Library Without Walls (WoW!) program, which equips librarians with brand new Toyota Priuses  to meet one-on-one with business owners or nonprofits on request and promote library services.

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