Week 1,2,3&4: IDEO’s Design Kit for Better Customer Experience,Inside the Harwood Institute’s Innovators Lab for Libraries, Check Phil Bradley’s List with 180 + Search Engines

Exploring IDEO’s Design Kit  (Designing Better Libraries)
“If  you  are a librarian who is embracing design as a methodology or strategy for giving your community members a better library experience, you owe it to yourself to spend sometime exploring IDEO’s Design Kit. This totally free package of resources mixes text and video to deliver support and instruction to non-designers who want to incorporate design practices into their work. There are also ample case studies to help you understand how the design techniques are put into action.”

IDEO Shares Design Thinking Toolkit for Libraries (Designing Better Libraries)
The second post by Steven Bell about the new IDEO toolkit and the benefits for “librarians who want to establish design challenges for themselves and their patrons to finally make great use of the design thinking process.”

Michael Casey on Harwood Institute’s Innovators Lab for Libraries (Tame The Web)
A must see review post  by Michel Casey on Harwood Institute’s Innovators Lab for Libraries for anyone who is interested in engaging the community and improving customer experience.

Web internet search engines 180+ listed and updated ( Phil Bradley’s weblog)
An extensive 180+ list of search engines, with brief one line description of each one.

Technology Predictions for 2015 and Beyond Revealed by Gartner, Inc ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Gather experts predict that “by 2017, almost 50% decisions for increasing customer base will be based on customer experience and acceptance of the product”

 Public libraries across the U.S. find reinvention and value through innovative education program (Library Technology Guides)
Several public libraries are now offering high school diplomas through the Career Online High School, an accredited high school certificate program available in libraries through a partnership with Gale, part of Cengage Learning.

Knight News Challenge on Libraries awards $3 million for innovative ideas (Library Technology Guides)
22 innovative projects designed to service better library communities were announced by the Knight Foundation as as winners of the Knight News Challenge on Libraries.

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