Week 9,10,11 & 12: Microsoft Starts Office Lens Scanner App and Successor to Internet Explorer Called Edge,Library Technology Reports With Open Access Till June

Microsoft Debuts Office Lens, A Document-Scanning App For iOS And Android ( TechCrunch)
Microsoft today launched Office Lens, a mobile document scanner app that works with OneNote, for iOS and Android smartphones. The app, which allows users to snap photos of paper documents, receipts, business cards, menus, whiteboards, sticky notes and more, was first launched a year ago as an application designed only for Windows Phone devices.

Welcome To The Age Of 4D Printers ( TechCrunch)
The concept of 4D printing allows you to build “objects that can change based on the physics of the materials used.”

Microsoft Announces Continuum, Turning Windows 10 Phones Into Desktops ( TechCrunch)
Did you know that with Windows 10 you have the possibility to use your phone as your desktop computer by connecting your mobile phone to a monitor? (TechCrunch)

Microsoft Edge: the new, fast browser for Windows 10 ( TechNet UK Blog)
Microsoft is replacing Internet Explorer on Windows 10 platform with a new default browser called “Edge”that has a built-in PDF reader, new note-taking and sharing features and  Cortana support.

Now Open: Library Technology Reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter (ALA TechSource Blog)
“Library Technology Reports and Smart Libraries Newsletter are on a new hosting platform, using Open Journal Systems. For a limited time, through June, both will be open access.”

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