Week: 36,37,38,39,40, 41,42,43&44: DPLA With New Self-Guided Curriculum, Studying Library Users For Better Customer Experience,

DPLA Releases New Self-Guided Curriculum for Digitization (Lonely Wolf Librarian)
“We’ve made this curriculum available in a self-guided version intended for digitization beginners from a variety of cultural heritage institutions. Each module includes a video presentation, slides with notes in Powerpoint, and slides in PDF. Please feel free to share, reuse, and adapt these materials.”

How to Embrace Complaints and Turn Bad News to Good New (Lonely Wolf Librarian)
If you dont know how important Customer Experience is consider this: 80% of companies say they deliver exceptional customer service, only 8% of their customers agree.

Studying Users To Rethink the Product (Designing Better Libraries)
This post is a good reminder “about the importance of observing our community members in their natural habitat (or our own) and asking them questions about what they are doing and why they do it that way. The more we can learn about how community members are really using the library and its resources, why they are here and what’s really not working for them, the more we can do to design a better library experience for them.”

Linked Data for Libraries (Lonely Wolf Librarian)
Need a refresher on Linked Data, take a look at this informative presentation from the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) .

People love public libraries, but they aren’t using them  (Library Link of the Day)
The Pew Research Center study ” Libraries at crossroads”  shows one more time what customer experience library users expect from public libraries:  in collaboration with local schools support local education; “serve special constituents such as veterans, active-duty military personnel and immigrants; help local businesses, job seekers and those upgrading their work skills; embrace new technologies such as 3-D printers and provide services to help patrons learn about high-tech gadgetry.”

Take a Look: Toronto Public Library Releases New Promotional Video ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Thew Digital Innovation Hub at Toronto Public Library is very well equipped and organized. Within a few years we can expect to see similar digital hubs and maker spaces in most of the urban public libraries in the US.

A New Special Issue of Online Information Review is Devoted to Open Access (INFODocket)
The new edition of Online Information Review is examining Open Access as “redrawing landscape of scholarly communication.”

Canada: Edmonton Public Library Shares Accomplishments in 2015 Year-in-Review Video (INFODocket)
“The winner of the 2014 Gale/LJ Library of the Year, the Edmonton Public Library shares some of their 2015 accomplishments in this new 4.5 minute year-in-review video.

Big Data Analytics – IQ Crash Course (Lonely Wolf Librarian)
Another interesting presentation on the basics of Big Data Analytics shared by John Lang from Lonely Wolf Librarian blog.




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