Week 1,2,3 & 4:NYC With Open Online Data Sets, 26 Incredible Innovations, Check Out Wi-Fi at the Library For a Week,Toronto Public Library with book-lending machine at Union Station,19% more eBooks And 36% More Digital Audiobook Borrowed in 2015, New Action Guide For Public Libraries

Open Data: New York Police Department Launches Online Crime Data Resources (INFoDocket)
“In a significant step toward increasing transparency, the New York Police Department has created a website with detailed data about each major crime that takes place in the city.” In addition,  there are additional NYC Public Safety Open Datasets.

26 Incredible innovations that improved the world in 2015 (Mashable)
From the Internet on a microchip ( eGranary Pocket Library) to a lamp that runs on plant power (the Plantalámparas) , “nanosheet” that can clean up oil spills like a sponge to AquaFresco, a type of filter that allows washing machines to reuse 95% of the water produced from each load ,  paper and plastic strips 
for in-home diagnostic testing of HIV, E.coli, Staphylococcus and other bacteria these are truly amazing discoveries to th e revolutionary iPhone app Be My Eyes  “that allows users to “lend” their eyes to the blind. It connects blind users to volunteers around the world to use live video chat and have them describe what they see and answer any questions”

Lifting the Veil on the New York Public Library’s Erotica Collection ( Library Link of the Day)
“Erotica was not something we were particularly going after, but we needed to collect life as it was lived,” said Jason Baumann, a collections curator. “We needed to understand and document for history what the city of New York was like. That meant collecting the good and the bad. It was always part of our mandate.”

Gartner Top 10 Tech Trends for 2016 ( LoneWolf Librarian)
The short and concise video is especially helpful with the understanding of the new 3D and  Virtual Reality tech trends.

Check The Library For Internet Hotspots To Go ( Library Stuff) 
“The library has about 20 of these devices, and people check them out like a book, for a week at a time. Because hot spots create Wi-Fi connections using mobile data, the service is not cheap, coming up at $10,000 per year in mobile data costs.”

Toronto Public Library gives commuters a ticket to read  (Library Stuff)
“TPL hopes to roll out a book-lending machine at Union Station by April, offering those on the move 24-7 access to popular novels, non-fiction, DVDs and downloadable ebooks.”

New York Public Library Releases New Promo Video For Their Education Programs (INFODocket)
Kudos to NYPL for their skillful promotional video by narrated by actor BD Wong. 

Maker Dad book is $1.99 on Kindle (Stephen’s Lighthouse)
“As the editor in chief of MAKE magazine, Mark Frauenfelder has spent years combing through DIY books, but he’s never been able to find one with geeky projects he can share with his two daughters. Maker Dad is the first DIY book to use cutting-edge (and affordable) technology in appealing projects for fathers and daughters to do together.”

UK: Amazon.com Lockers in Public Libraries (INFODocket)
The obvious benefit of having the self-serve Amazon lockers: provide a regular income for these libraries; are a popular service for customers; have no impact on staff time; are used by between 80 and 100 people in each location a week; bring people into the library
are used by non and existing library users; it is very difficult to assess if there is much crossover.

How to Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media (Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Practical and useful post, considering how many public and academic libraries have presence on social media.

Library Readers Borrow Record Numbers of eBooks and Audiobooks in 2015 (Library Technology Guides)
“Highlights of record-setting growth from the OverDrive network of lending libraries for 2015 include:

  • Total digital titles borrowed from libraries & schools: 169 million (+24% over 2014
  • eBook circulation: 125 million (+19% growth over 2014)
  • Digital audiobook circulation: 43 million (+36% growth over 2014)
  • Streaming video circulation (+83% over 2014)

“Helping drive digital book circulation at libraries are new tools offered to librarians, including “OverDrive Insights,” real-time analytics on digital book usage that enables libraries to customize and curate their collections to meet the demands of their audiences. This combined with a greater catalog of available eBooks from thousands of publishers and the success of OverDrive Read-Alongs (professional narrated audio synced to the words on the page using industry-standard EPUB3) and OverDrive Listen (instant streaming for audiobooks from a library catalog or the OverDrive app).

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Linkedin ( LoneWolf Librarian)
Great tips on brushing and improving your Linkedin profile.

National Library of Medicine Releases Three New Game Apps (Free) For High School Students (INFOdocket)
The three iOS games developed by theThe National Library of Medicine (NLM) Division of Specialized Information Services  “reinforce” content from biology/chemistry and introduces students to the value of “green” alternatives.

Student Research Resources on the Internet 2016 (LLRX)
As a rule of thumb, I never misss the thorough resource guides compiled by Marcus Zillman. One particular resource caught my attention this time: www.openculture.com with thousands of free online cources, movies, books , maps and more.

Aspen Institute Releases New Action Guide for Public Libraries | ALA Midwinter 2016 (Library Stuff)
“The Aspen Institute Dialogue on Public Libraries (DPL) unveiled its newest publication at a session at the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting. The Action Guide for Re-Envisioning Your Public Library, a set of resources to be used in connection with DPL’s report Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, was released simultaneously with the session on January 10.”

NYPL, Benetech Partner to Offer 370,000 Accessible Ebooks to Print Disabled” (Library Journal) 
“Bookshare provides free access to its collection for all U.S. students with qualifying disabilities through an award by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs, access to the collection for qualifying adults, seniors, and other non-students generally requires payment of a $25 setup fee and a $50 annual subscription fee. The partnership to provide free access to library patrons through NYPL is Bookshare’s first such partnership with a U.S. library”

Brave: New Ad Blocking Browser Promises More Privacy & Faster Page Loading (Markeying Land)
“Brave is the only approach to the Web that puts users first in ownership and control of their browsing data by blocking trackers by default, with no exceptions.”

Emerging Technology in Libraries / Aspen Institute – Jason Griffey (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Internet of Things..how would they affect libraries and are libraries will prepared for them?

San Diego Public Library Staff Trained to Identify Sex Trafficking Victim (Infodocket)
“More than 800 staff members at all of San Diego’s 36 library locations recently received training on how to spot sex trafficking victims, how to start a conversation with them, and ultimately how to steer them to the appropriate resources for help.”

S.F. library rolls out Biblio Bistro for lessons on cooking (Library Stuff)
“The San Francisco Public Library’s movable kitchen premiered this month and will be at the Heart of the City Farmers Market near the Civic Center every third Wednesday of the month. The Biblio Bistro will be used to teach the market’s customers how to cook the food available there.”

Members Vote to Dissolve Canadian Library Association, First Step to Create New Unified National Library Advocacy Organization ( InfoDocket)

 “The dissolution of CLA follows an extensive process during which CLA worked with a large number of library associations across Canada to develop a proposal to advance the interests of libraries. The proposed Canadian Federation of Library Associations unifies the diverse library communities across Canada.”

Culture Convener | Best Small Library in America 2016 ( Library Journal)
The revived Albert Wisner Public Library  in NY WPL “has become the benchmark for library service in the lower Hudson Valley and stands as a model of what a small 21st-century library should be: a perfect choice as LJ Best Small Library in America, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationSay Hello to “Amber”, A New, Free Digital Preservation Tool for Web Content Publishers From Harvard’s Berkman Center (INFOdocket)

“The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University is pleased to release Amber, a free software tool for WordPress and Drupal that preserves content and prevents broken links.”

Libraries matter: 15 fantastic library infographics (Stephen’s Lighthouse)
An informative collection of infographics on the importance of libraries.

Notable Lectures & Presentations: Robert Darnton, Emily Dust Nimsakont, Jennifer Koerber & R. David Lankes

“Libraries, Books, and the Digital Future” – Robert Darnton ( LoneWolf Librarian)
“Books and libraries are more important than ever in the current digital environment, if only we can get it right..”

Linked Data, Library Users, and the Discovery Tools of the Future
 (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Take a look at this informative presentation by Emily Dust Nimsakont from Nebraska Library Comission.
Emerging Technologies for Librarians (Lone Wolf Librarian)
A neat and resourceful presentation by Jennifer Koerber.
Libraries – The Obligation of Innovation
 (Lone Wolf Librarian)
” We have the obligation of making a change” by R. David Lankes, Professor Siracuse University.
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