Week 10,11,12 & 13:Library User Experience (UX) Project At The Chapel Hill Public Library, The Sale Of Brooklyn Heights Library Not Necessary, 10 Best Sites For Free Online Education, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Explained, FOIA Mapper Searches Government Records That Were Not Previously Online, Top Skills For Tomorrow’s Librarians

Watch and Learn | The User Experience ( Library Journal)
Strongly recommend to take a few minutes to go over this post by Aaron Schmidt about
a librarywide user experience (UX) project at the Chapel Hill Public Library (CHPL), NC.
Customer Experience is what is going to drive the transformation of public libraries in the right direction,  by involving staff, customers and library administration !

Researchers create super-efficient Wi-Fi (Stephen’s Lighthouse)
“Passive Wi-Fi is, as the name suggests, partially passive—it takes in radio wave energy from an outside source and reflects that signal with its data added to it.”

The Evolution of Library Work | Careers 2016 (Information Today)
This blog post covers the Cataloger’s Desktop software used by Library of Congress.

Community group claims $52M Brooklyn Heights library sale is unnecessary ( Library Stuff)
“Anger over the $52 million sale of Brooklyn Heights library land to the Hudson Cos. has yet to subside with a group and residents alleging in a complaint that the sale was not necessary.”

Adapt or die: The evolution of Louisville’s public libraries (Library Stuff)
“Identifying needs in the community and working diligently to fill those needs is what keeps the library relevant,” said Courtney Block, Instruction, Reference, and User Engagement Librarian at Indiana University Southeast. And asking what are some things our community needs that they didn’t even know they needed. We’re always looking towards the future and we stay steeped in the community so that we can provide everything they need to learn and expand their knowledge.”

The DC Public Library’s New “Memory Lab” Lets You Digitize Old Photos and Videos (Library Stuff)
Excellent service for the community ! Located inside the Digital Commons at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, the lab provides equipment for digitizing home movies and scanning photographs and slides. It’s a DIY model, meaning DC public Library provides step-by-step instructions, but customers control the process from start to finish.

The lab can be reserved for three-hour sessions.

Formats Accepted Formats Saved On
(Customer Provided)
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • DV
  • MiniDV
  • Audio cassette
  • 3.5″ Floppy
  • Photos/slides/negatives
  • External hard drive
  • USB
  • Cloud Storage
  • CD
  • DVD

Who Pays for Open Access?  (Library Journal)
The post discusses the Article Processing Charge (APC) charge for open access that is usually charged to the author, or  author’s employer.

New Search Technology: WhatIsMyMovie.com ( INFOdocket)
Your library customers don’t remember a movie, let them type a few words on WhatIsMyMovie.com describing the movie to see if there are any matching results.

ILL: Connecticut Libraries No Longer Have to Pay Borrow Books From Yale University Library (INFOdocket)
“As of last month, Connecticut libraries no longer have to pay to borrow books from the University’s collection.Prior to the transition, Yale was the only school in the Ivy League that did not offer book-loaning services for free to other libraries.”

Samsung and Six Flags to launch first VR roller coasters ( ReadWriteWeb)

“Six Flags Entertainment Corporation and Samsung Electronics America recently announced a partnership which names Samsung as the “Official Technology Partner” of the world’s largest regional theme park company. The partnership includes the debut of ground-breaking experiences coming to nine Six Flags theme parks— North America’s first Virtual Reality (VR) roller coasters, using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.”

Top Skills for Tomorrow’s Librarians | Careers 2016
 (Library Journal)
Library Journal reached out to academic and public library directors and other thought leaders nationwide to find out what new skills they expect to need in librarians in the next 20 years. Here are the 11 essential skillsAdvocacy/Politics, Collaboration, Communication/People Skills, Creativity/Innovation, Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, Flexibility, Leadership, Marketing, Project Management and Technological Expertise

EBSCO Debuts Patent-Searching Resource  (Information Today)
“EBSCO Information Services introduced Global Patents, an online database that is designed to help users such as R&D teams and corporate librarians find patent information to determine the novelty of an idea or technology.”Top 10 Tools for a Free Online Education (Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Best 10 websites to offer to your customers for FREE online education.
Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Explained  ( Library Blogs Buzz Weekly)
Take a look at this short video about fundamentals of Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

New Hampshire lawmakers pass bill saying libraries can use Tor
 (Library Stuff)

The New Hampshire House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill giving public libraries explicit permission to run powerful privacy software like Tor, a network that lets people anonymously connect to the Internet.The bill’s author, Rep. Keith Ammon (R), told the Daily Dot that the bill passed 268 to 62, despite his preparations for a heated debate. The “large margin” and the lack of a fight on the House floor surprised Ammon.Ammon’s measure, which could be the first explicitly pro-Tor legislation in America, now heads to the state Senate.”

New Online: Global Database Launches With Data For Nearly 20 Million Sound Recordings (INFOdocket)
“Global trade body IFPI  has partnered with the world’s biggest digital Collective Management Organisation SoundExchange to create a website that will make it easier to identify sound recordings. The ISRC Search Site is a new platform which will give recording artists, rights owners and music services access to nearly 20 million unique recordings.”

Innovative enhances the library user experience with MyLibrary! Release 1.1 (Information Today)
The newly designed iOS  MyLibrary! Release 1.1 lets users search for materials with real time availability and even scan ISBN barcodes to retrieve items.

ProQuest launches Ebook Central ( Library Technology Guides)
“Ebook Central’s development has been guided by intensive study of the ebook workflows of librarians and researchers and ongoing market surveys that have explored acquisition trends, ebook use by subject, as well as routines and frustrations about working with ebooks. The result is a platform that delivers improvements to virtually every aspect of the ebook experience. At the core of Ebook Central is an exhaustive selection of authoritative, scholarly content — 790,000 titles and 1,350 imprints from more than 650 publishers on one platform. An average of 100,000 newly published titles will be added each year to so that libraries can build dynamic collections that address the unique needs of their community of researchers.”

COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES: ILS Product Roundup: Choosing Among the Top Discovery Services (Information Today)
A nice review of the major library discovery services platforms by Brandi Scardilli the editor of ITI NewsBreaks.

The New York Public Library Appoints Tony Ageh Chief Digital Officer (Library Stuff)
“The New York Public Library has named Tony Ageh Chief Digital Officer, responsible for the institution’s ongoing digital transformation and its visionary work in making its collections and services as accessible as possible. He is scheduled to start on April 11.Ageh comes to the Library from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London – one of the largest media organizations in the world – where he has held a variety of leadership positions since 2002 and, in that time, has managed over 300 staff members”

Zepheira and Innovative Announce Partnership in Delivering Linked Data Services to Libraries  ( Library Technology Guides)
“Innovative’s new service, Innovative Linked Data, leverages the value of existing metadata within the library catalog and resource management system to raise the profile of libraries in web and mobile interactions. It makes use of Zepheira’s transformation and publishing technologies to transform any library’s existing catalog and reveal it to the Web using Linked Data vocabularies including BIBFRAME.”

Meet the Candidates: ALA President 2017–18 (Library Journal)
“Voting for the American Library Association (ALA) 2016–17 presidential campaign opens today, and ALA members in good standing can cast their ballots through April 22.”

Eye to the sky: Austin Public Library now offers a pair of telescopes for checking out the night skies (Library Stuff)
“I think it opens avenues for families to spend time together and do something completely different,” said Kris Olson, the library assistant who assembled the telescopes and figured out how they are used.“It’s not a particularly novel idea,” said Library Director Ann Hokanson. “ [These] are designed to go into public libraries.”

Gale Launches Largest Digital Archive of LGBTQ History and Culture (Library Stuff)
““This archive demonstrates the unique content that only Gale is bringing to researchers – it shines a light on the important personal stories that provide a more complete picture of our history,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager for Gale. “By providing access to this information, we hope that it promotes greater understanding, tolerance and appreciation for individual rights.”

Students sweat it out and study on library exercise bikes (Library Stuff)
“The latest school to install the FitDesk Bike Desk is Troy University, which now has a total of six in the libraries at Troy and Dothan, two of the university’s four campuses in Alabama. Over the past three years, the Bike Desks have also been installed at universities including Tulane, Clemson and Penn State Worthington Scranton, according to FitDesk co-founder Ryan Moore, who started the company from his garage in 2010.”

The reinvention of libraries, from public spaces to living rooms (Library Stuff)
“Architect Vanessa Kassabian, a project manager behind Snøhetta’s winning design for the new Calgary Central Library, sees the once forcibly quiet institutions as a place for social activity, “Libraries now are almost more social spaces than they are about learning,” she says.”

Libraries lose a quarter of staff as hundreds close (BBC)
8,000 jobs in UK libraries have disappeared in the past 6 years with 343 libraries closed and 111 more scheduled to close doors this year.

Core Customer Study Analyzes Library Demographics ( Library Journal)
A must read for every librarian interested in customer experience. “Core Customer Intelligence: Public Library Reach, Relevance, and Resilience,” brings together market segmentation from ten public library systems across the United States to explore how libraries can examine and act on granular data about their core customers—the 20 percent of cardholders who check out the most physical materials.”

Then study  is using “2014 customer and checkout data to group top library users by lifestyles, interests, preferences, and behaviors, and ,drills down into community demographics to reveal that core customers aren’t found in any one segment of the population but occur across all lines, reflecting the diversity of their communities.”

New Tool Exposes Government Information ( Information Today)
FOIA Mapper, a winner of the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge on Data, had its official launch. Journalists, researchers, businesses, and individuals can use this site to search government records that were not previously online.

Library Offers Homeless People Mental Health Services, And It’s Working (Library Stuff)
“In 2009, the library hired Leah Esguerra, who is believed to be the nation’s first psychiatric social worker to be employed full-time at a library, SFGate reported. Since the program started, about 150 homeless people have received permanent housing, and another 800 have enrolled in social and mental health services, according to PBS.The success is due in part to the fact that the library has become a hub for homeless people, and that those involved in the program approach homeless patrons with empathy.”

Meet the man who is turning D.C. libraries into a national model (Library Stuff)
“But Reyes-Gavilan’s ambitions go beyond bricks and mortar. He wants to put the D.C. Public Library at the forefront of American libraries, to be a model for the nation by embracing a “hacker” culture that treats library patrons not as passive consumers of information, but as creators. His mantra is “libraries are not their buildings,” but “engines of human capital.”

Notable Lectures & Presentations: OCLC Research at ALA, Dave LeClair, Franky Abbott, Kenny Whitebloom and Samantha Gibson, 

New Online: Video Recordings of Four Presentations by Members of OCLC Research at ALA Midwinter 2016 Now Available ( INFOdocket)

A Visual Guide to the Deep and Dark Web (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Very interesting post by Dave LeClair on the dark side of the dark web.

Digital Public Library of America Community Reps Program Info (Lone Wolf Librarian)
An overview of DPLA and the Community Reps Program by Franky Abbott, Kenny Whitebloom and Samantha Gibson.

Libraries Transform Communities (Lone Wolf Librarian)
R. David Lankes on how libraries are destined to transform communities. 

Developing Maker Initiatives in Libraries (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Executive Director of the Fayetteville Free Library and Leah Kraus Director of Community Engagement and Experience present on developing maker initatives in libraries.

Integrating the Library into the Life of the User (Lone Wolf Librarian)
The traditional service model of the customer in the life of the library needs to be reversed to the library in the life of the customer – presentation by Lynn Connaway.



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