Week 40,41,42,43 &44 : Only 24% of Americans Approve Moving Books To Make Way For Tech Spaces, Urban Libraries Council Selects 2016 Top Innovators, Alexander Street Is Beta Testing The Open Music Library,User-Designed Libraries?

New PEW Study Shows That Only 24% of Americans Approve Moving Books To Make Way For Tech Spaces ( Library Blogs Buzz Weekly)
“Public libraries, many Americans say, should offer programs to teach people digital skills (80% think libraries should definitely do this) and help patrons learn how to use new creative technologies like 3-D printers (50%). At the same time, 57% of Americans say libraries should definitely offer more comfortable places for reading, working and relaxing.Yet, Americans are also divided on a fundamental question about how books should be treated at libraries: 24% support the idea of moving books and stacks in order to make way for more community- and tech-oriented spaces, while 31% say libraries should not move the books to create such spaces. About four-in-ten think libraries should maybe consider doing so.”

MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: Writing Tools That Motivate, Correct, Sync, and Structure ( Information Today)
“Jennifer E. Burke shares seven products that can help improve your writing. Some promise to free you from distraction; some sync across devices; and some claim to find more errors than your usual word-processing software.”

The Future of Stuff | Designing the Future (Library Journal)
“The trend of circulating “stuff” other than books and DVDs is not new, but a few libraries have begun to embrace it more fully. For example, the “Library of Things” at Hillsboro Public Library, OR—inspired partly by tool libraries like Berkeley’s and the Library of Things at Sacramento Public Library, CA—offers patrons access to musical instruments, tools such as infrared thermometers and thermal leak detectors, gold panning kits, bakeware and kitchen appliances, karaoke machines, and even commercial-grade popcorn and cotton candy machines.”

Proactive Librarianship | Designing the Future (Library Journal)
“We need to assess and reward outcomes and impacts, not processes and outputs. Focus on what needs to be done and then provide staff with the resources (including training) to make it happen. There have been too many times where I have seen a director wondering why staff is not more innovative when the director has not changed the way their staff is reviewed. Open every door in the place. While there are still reasons why library professionals need physical space, a lot of our work can be done with devices and a good internet connection”

NoveList?Announces?NoveList Select for Linked Data (EContent)
“The latest addition to the NoveList product line, NoveList Select for Linked Data builds upon linked data resources such as Linked Library Service, which helps libraries reach both users and non-users who are searching in their favorite search engine. NoveList Select for Linked Data combines rich metadata from author, series, and genre information with read-alike recommendations, appeal terms, and reviews from NoveList which allows libraries to provide even more information about their collections to patrons and potential patrons who are searching online.”

Niles PL Invites Kids to Be Library President for a Day (Library Journal)
“On September 1, Niles Public Library District (NPLD), IL, opened its Library Board President for a Day Contest to local students in grades K–8, asking for five to ten sentences explaining why they want to be library president. Winners will receive a “key to the library,” recognition at the November board of trustees meeting, front row seats at events, and the chance to help plan some of the library’s programming. Contestants must either hold a Niles Public Library District card or attend a school served by the district. Deadline for entries is October 23, and the winner will be announced on November 18, Election Day.”

Urban Libraries Council (ULC) Announces Recipients of 2016 Top Innovators and Honorable Mentions Awards at Annual Forum (Library Journal)
10 US and Canadian public libraries  were recognized by the Urban Libraries Council ULC  as 2016 Top Innovators for  “public library programs focused on education, digital inclusion, healthy communities and library operations. ”

Open Music Library Combines Free and Subscription Databases ( library Journal)
“Academic database and streaming media publisher Alexander Street is beta testing the Open Music Library (OML), a new online resource that will eschew database paywalls, enabling non-subscribers to discover and use high-quality open access and public domain content from contributors such as the Library of Congress (LC) and the British Library (BL), while offering subscribers a seamless experience discovering and using free and for-fee content together. OML is still in development and won’t officially launch until 2017, but the open beta is live at openmusiclibrary.org, allowing interested users to explore OML and join a discussion forum for music researchers and librarians to submit comments, suggestions, and requests. Currently, the OML beta features more than 200,000 digitized scores, 33,000 articles (including paid and open access), and content from more than 100 journals.”

Usability and Desirability | The User Experience (Library Journal)
“Customer service is the first touch point that comes to mind when thinking about desirability. Nothing can ruin a user’s experience quite like a bad service interaction.”

Innovative introduces new APIs and broad functionality enhancements in Sierra Release 2.4 ( Library Technology Guides)
“The wide-reaching enhancements in Sierra Release 2.4 include:

  • Improved user experience with Sierra Web Application style and design updates;
  • Greater feature parity between Sierra Web Application and Sierra Desktop Application, with the ability to search across MARC tags in Create Lists;
  • Expanded SIP2 support for patron-initiated activities – enables, for example, offline mode for checking materials in and out at self-check machines;
  • Enhanced support for wildcard certificates using Web Access Management, so libraries can simplify workflows by managing proxied access to secure websites using a single static wildcard certificate.”

Librarian of the People | LJ Interview (Library Journal)
“Dr. Carla Hayden was sworn in as the new Librarian of Congress. The first African American and the first woman to hold the position in American history, she is also only the third to have worked in a library prior to her appointment.”

Librarians’ Picks | Library by Design, Fall 2016 (Library Journal)
Take a look at the recent design choices by librarians who have recently completed building projects.

Placements & Salaries 2016: Explore All the Data (Library Journal)
Details on jobs and pay for 2015 LIS grads, broken down by region, type of role, school, and more.

Taiwan: Taipei Public Library Expands Services Through 10,000 Convenience Stores (INFODocket)
“The service, however, is not free. Users must have a library card, must register online as a convenience store service user, and must pay a deposit of NT$200 (US$6.29), according to the library. Members can borrow up to five books each time but also have to pay a distribution fee of NT$50 for the delivery, the library said.”

Illinois: Mayor Wants to Co-Locate New Chicago Public Library Branches in Public Housing Developments (INFODocket)
“The new libraries would replace existing branches and be of normal size, ranging from 10,000 square feet to 16,000 square feet.  They would likely be located on the ground floor of the housing developments and would offer programs targeted to children and families from public housing as well as those living in the surrounding area.”

User-Designed Libraries | Design4Impact (Library Journal)
“These days, collecting deep public input before the design phase of a new construction or renovation of a library is de rigueur, with methods ranging from focus groups to community outreach to social media. But a few libraries are taking it to the next level, not just finding out what patrons need or value and filtering that through the lens of librarian and architect expertise but also letting users directly drive design decisions in collaboration with the professionals.”

Notable Lectures & Presentations: Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, Ellyssa Kroski, R. David Lankes, S.L.Faisal, Laurie Brown

Learn About Fair Use in New Video From Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society (INFOdocket)
The video produced by the  Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society  explains the basic principles of Fair Use.

Makerspaces in Libraries: Embracing DIY Culture in Your Library (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Ellyssa Kroski , Director of Information Technology at The New York Law Institute reviews maker spaces in libraries.

The Future of Libraries: Predicting Through Invention (Lone Wolf Librarian)
According to R David Lankes “the best way to predict the future of libraries is to invent it.”

The Library Experience: 10 Trends that define Libraries for a new age (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Excellent presentation by S.L.Faisal from the Library at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom on the 10 trends defining future libraries.

How to Deliver Great Library Customer Service (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Laurie Brown’s expert advise on delivering great library customer service.

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