2017 Week 10,11,12 & 13 : Best Free Reference Websites & Apps,Trump’s Budget Eliminates Funding For IMLS, Cheatsheet to Live Video, NYC with new page for the NYC Open Data web portal,At U Chicago You Can Checkout Materials With Camera on Your Phone

Best Free Reference Websites & Apps ( Library Journal)
Gary Price editor INFOdocket highlights the best free reference websites and apps.

The 2017 Cheatsheet to Live Video  (Research Buzz)
““Live video continues to be popular for other platforms too – Instagram Stories, Twitter Periscope, YouTube Live, and others. So how do you know how to experiment for each platform? We put together this cheatsheet to help”

National Library of Medicine (NLM) Announces Four Changes to PubMed Records (INFodocket)
In short: records will now include Conflict of Interest Statements (COIS) When Supplied by the Publisher, Change to Editorial Expressions of Concern, Change to Results Display and Change to Status Tag.

NMC Horizon Report > 2017 Higher Ed Edition (14th ed.) Released ( Stephen’s Lighthouse)
“What is on the five-year horizon for higher education institutions? Which trends and technology developments will drive educational change? What are the critical challenges and how can we strategize solutions? These questions regarding technology adoption and educational change steered the discussions of 78 experts to produce the NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition”

Google site search is on the way out. Now what? ( Search Engine Land)
If search is a problem for your library website, here are some alternative solutions for small and medium sized libraries.

De Blasio Administration Unveils New Open Data Homepage As New York City Celebrates 5 Years Of Open Data (Research Buzz)
“The de Blasio Administration today celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the Open Data Law by launching a new homepage for the NYC Open Data web portal. To date, the City has published more than 1,600 free municipal datasets, ranging from 311 complaints to crime incidents by neighborhood to the location of every street tree in the city. The new home for the Open Data Portal provides more support to data novices on how to get started with City data, empowering more New Yorkers to understand how their city works through the information it produces.”

Texas: A Third “Bibliotech” All-Digital Public Library Location (Largest One Yet) to Open in San Antonio ( INFOdocket)
Kudos to Bexar County in Texas for opening a third all-digital location . Checkout the video here.

Trump’s Budget Proposal Eliminates Funding For IMLS, NEA, NEH, CPB, and More
“The President’s proposal to eliminate the Institute of Museum and Library Services in his FY2018 budget just released, and with it effectively all federal funding for libraries of all kinds, is counterproductive and short-sighted.
America’s more than 120,000 public, school, college and university and many other libraries aren’t piles of archived books. They’re trusted centers for technology, job counseling, retraining, veterans services, entrepreneurship, education, teaching and learning and free inquiry at the cores of communities in every state in the country – and in every congressional district.”

Local libraries are true immigrant sanctuaries (Library Stuff)
“There is a powerful, effective and meaningful way to uplift and protect immigrant New Yorkers right now: support public libraries, institutions that proudly wear the sign of “everyone is welcome here” each and every day. These sanctuaries within our sanctuary city need our investment now more than ever.”

Ontario: A Staff-Less Public Library Pilot Project to Take Place in Toronto ( INFOdocket)
Toronoto Public Library is planning to open Swansea Memorial Public Library iand Todmorden Public Library as a staff-less public libraries.

edX Adds More MicroMasters Programs (Information Today)
Want to advance your career? Enroll in a MicroMaster at edX.

UXF: Where’s the Friction at Your Library (Designing Better Libraries)
Stephen Bell is revewing the concept of User Experience Friction and offering  solutions.

New app lets users check out Library materials with their phones ( Library Stuff)
“Checkout UChicago lets UChicago students, faculty, staff, and others with borrowing privileges check out material from the University of Chicago Library using the camera on their phones.
To enable the app once downloaded, scan or enter your library barcode (on the back of your UChicago ID) and enter your last name. In the checkout screen, use the “+” button to check out library items. Touch the “Finish” button when done. No further action is needed if you wish to store your loans in a locker or faculty study within the library. If you want to leave the library with your items, deactivate your materials at the Deactivation Station at the Regenstein circulation desk. ”

7 amazing technologies we’ll see by 2030 ( Stephen’s Lighthouse)
A thought provoking short video by Business Insider on the development of technologies in the next 15 years.

Libraries are a safe haven for homeless people – but locals seek to exclude them [The Guardian] ( Library Link of the Day)
“Of all the places associated in the popular imagination with homelessness – park benches, skid rows, the undersides of freeways – libraries are probably low on the list. Yet the Castro branch, like others across California and elsewhere in the western US, is treated by many homeless people as a sanctuary from streets that can be cold, wet and dangerous. Some residents, however, have urged making libraries or their environs less attractive to homeless visitors.”

Douglas County Libraries Face Closure ( Library Journal)
“The 11-branch Douglas County Library System (DCLS), OR, is facing closure later this spring after a ballot measure to create an independent tax district was defeated in the November 2016 election.”

Minnesota: Sound Recording Booth Opens Inside Rochester Public Library (INFOdocket)
“It’s a sound booth now installed on the library’s main floor for use in recording, first and foremost, oral histories. But the booth can also be used in the future to record podcasts, poetry, readings and music. Or maybe you could just go in there and vent.”

Protecting Patron Privacy ( Library Journal)
“The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives have both voted to repeal restrictions on the sale of customer data by internet service providers (ISPs). President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill into law. The restrictions were short-lived, enacted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in October 2016, days before the election. Still, as Gary Price, editor of LJ infoDOCKET notes, “This troubling event is an opportunity for the library community to become a clearinghouse of awareness, education, and knowledge about digital privacy to those we serve.”

Notable Lectures & Presentations:  Jason Griffey, Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, Matthew Bollerman, David Lankes

Blockchain for Libraries (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Jason Griffey highlights the pros and cons of blockchain for libraries.

What happens to libraries and librarians when machines can read all the books?
 (Library Blogs Buzz) Presentation of Chris Bourg at Harvard Library Leadership in a Digital Age program

Sustainable Thinking for the Future of Libraries (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Rebekkah Smith Aldrich and Matthew Bollerman webinar offers tools for librarians through the NYLA Sustainability Initiative.

The Future of VR, AR and Self-Driving Cars – Study Results (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Inetresting study results from LinkedIn about wearabales, VR and self-driving cars.

Lankes: Creating Better Libraries for Today’s Complex World – USC ( Stephen’s Lighthouse)
A must see presentation by David Lankes at University of South Carolina.

Emerging Tech Trends in Libraries (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Laura Solomon reviews emerging tech trends in libraries.


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