2017 Week 14-17,18-22 & 23-26 : ALA and ACRL Support Net Neutrality; Library Hours in NYC Still Lag Behind Other Big Cities, Fact Vs.Fake News Librarian Resources, New Technology Library Systems Report 2017, Nashville Public Library Named Library of the Year, Overdrive Starts Libby, AASL With 2017 List of Best Apps for Teaching & Learning

A Queens Library Branch is Hosting 31-Hour Open House 
I am very proud to announce that our Corona Community Library will host a very cool 31-hour open house. The event is part of  the “Queens Library is for Everyone” campaign.

American Association of School Libraries  (AASL) Releases 2017 List of Best Apps for Teaching & Learning (INFOdocket)
“The apps recognized as Best Apps for Teaching & Learning are of exceptional value to inquiry-based teaching and learning as embodied in the AASL’s Standards for the 21st-Century Learner.”

OverDrive Rolls Out New App for Streamlined Reading Experience (Information Today)    “Libby, the new one-tap reading app built by OverDrive, is the quickest and easiest way to get started reading and discovering digital library content from anywhere in the world. Libby was designed based on guidance from librarians and the feedback of thousands of beta users to provide a reading experience perfect for all users. At the same time, Libby makes bringing new users to the library a snap through its intuitive and simple interface.”

Toronto Reference Library gets in on vinyl craze, buys 100 records ( Library Stuff)
“The Toronto Reference Library is kicking it old school, buying vinyl records for the first time in three decades. The library is adding 100 titles. You can’t take the albums home, but there are two record players on the fifth floor, free for anyone to use.”

Microsoft, Google, Baidu, and Paul Allen’s AI2 Form Open Academic Search Group (INFOdocket)
“Microsoft, Google and Baidu may be competitors in the business world, but when it comes to open-access academic resources, they’re all working together – thanks to a collaboration created by Seattle’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. The Open Academic Search working group, or OAS, was set up to unite a wide spectrum of researchers working on academic search tools.”

Nashville Public Library Named 2017 Library of the Year by Library Journal and Gale (Library Stuff)
“Great libraries find compelling solutions to the challenges in their communities. Nashville Public Library stands out for its range of services, innovation in partnerships, and commitment to evolving as its community does, while keeping a keen eye on what’s important from the past,” said Rebecca T. Miller, editorial director of Library Journal. “We are very excited to have Nashville join the stellar Library of the Year roster. Nashville Public Library has a strong partnership with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to put public library materials and technology into students’ hands. The Limitless Libraries initiative has infused millions of dollars into school libraries and helped local schools meet or exceed state collection requirements.”

Winds of Change | ALA 2017 Preview (Library Journal)
Preview of the upcoming  American Library Association (ALA) annual conference in Chicago from June 22–27.

UPDATE: Russian Court Convicts Ukrainian Library Chief Of Inciting Hatred, Receives 4 Year Suspended Sentence (INFOdocket)
“As IFLA’s Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom of 1999 underlines, ‘libraries contribute to the development and maintenance of intellectual freedom and help to safeguard basic democratic values and universal civil rights. […] To this end, libraries shall acquire, preserve and make available the widest variety of materials, reflecting the plurality and diversity of society’. The selection and availability of library materials and services should, therefore, be ‘governed by professional considerations and not by political, moral and religious views’.

‘Subway Library’ offers riders a read on their commute (Library Stuff)
““At least straphangers will have something to read while they’re stuck on a train.Modal TriggerThe “Subway Library” is a special promotion providing riders access to hundreds of free e-books, e-shorts and extensive excerpts. The MTA has remade a subway train to look like the inside of the New York Public Library’s Rose Main Reading Room — and is offering riders free e-books starting today.”

Fact vs Fake: Resources to Help Librarians Navigate Digital Literacy ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Stephen Abram has compiled 5 must see resources to identify the accuracy of news resources and recognize ” fake news”.

The Chatty Librarians: Podcasting | Field Reports ( Library Journal)
“The podcasts highlighted here target two different audiences. Sachem Public Library’s (SPL) Chris DeCristofaro’s “The Library Pros” features talks with librarians, for librarians. And Ellen Druda’s “In the Stacks,” produced with Half Hollow Hills Community Library’s (HHHCL) assistant director Charlene Muhr, features book talks for patrons. In this column, they explain how and why they podcast. Also, check out a special edition of The Library Pros podcast in which DeCristofaro, Druda, Chris Kretz of The Long Island History Project podcast, and LJ‘s Matt Enis discuss the ideas in this column, and more.”

State of America’s Libraries Report 2017  (ALA News)
“Our 9,082 public libraries play a vital role in such community services as early childhood literacy, computer training, and workforce development. In addition, they provide a safe place for everyone, reflecting and serving the diversity of their communities in their collections, programs, and services. The thousands of public libraries in towns and neighborhoods across the United States invite community conversations and actions that further understanding and address local needs.”

Directory of 120-Plus Free Business Resources Available From BestBizWeb (Information Today)
The Best of The Best of the Business Web 2015-2016, a directory of more than 120 free business information sources, “including advertising, Big Data, financial information, market research, statistical information, venture capital information”, is essential for business librarians and corporate research centers.

Valuing Library Services Calculator What is your library worth to your healthcare institution?
 (New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
“The calculator uses a “replacement value” methodology, where the retail cost to replace the librarian and the materials in your library, including print and electronic journals and monographs, reference services, instruction, etc. You can also define your own service or resource to calculate the value.”

MARKETING LIBRARY SERVICES: TECH TOOLS AND HACKS: Finding Free Stock Video Footage and Music (Information Today)
“Techie and tool lover Jennifer E. Burke reveals four sites that offer free stock video and six sites where you can download stock music and even sound effects. These tools will allow you to enhance your videos without using “legally questionable” clips.”

The pilot program, supported by Mobile Beacon, “an organization focused on providing broadband to nonprofit entities throughout the country” allows customers  to check out a mobile WiFi hot spot device.

Report: Florida Governor Signs School Censorship Bill into Law (INFOdocket)
“Florida governor Rick Scott yesterday approved legislation that will facilitate challenges to classroom materials, allowing any county resident to lodge a challenge against textbooks or supplemental materials that they claim fail to present “a noninflammatory, objective, and balanced viewpoint on issues.” Intellectual freedom advocates are bracing for challenges on multiple topics of public contention, from evolution and climate change to fictional works featuring Muslim or LGBTQIA characters.”

Community Led Libraries Toolkit ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
An excellent Community Led Libraries Toolkit, developed by Canadian Libraries that explores “the application of community development techniques in developing more inclusive public library services”  with the awareness that ” public libraries need to find new and better ways of understanding and serving socially excluded community members”  if libraries are “to play the important social and economic roles we aspire to fulfill.”

Library Systems Report 2017 ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
Marshall Breeding annual Library Systems Report published by American Libraries reveals a new trend :” the library technology industry has entered a new phase: business consolidation and technology innovation. Development of products and services to support the increasingly complex work of libraries remains in an ever-decreasing number of hands. Not only have technology-focused companies consolidated themselves, they have become subsumed within higher-level organizations with broad portfolios of diverse business activities.”

More Time in the Stacks: Library Hours in NYC Still Lag Behind Other Big Cities (Library Stuff)
Public Libraries in NYC are open ” more hours per week than at any point in the past decade”. A study by  Center for an Urban Future,  found out that ” New York City’s libraries are still open fewer hours than most of the largest library systems in the nation—including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas—and most of the large counties in New York State.”

Public Partners | Collaboration ( Library Journal)
An interesting overview of the most successful collaborations between schools and public libraries.

Prison Libraries Network: Right to Read” position statement ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse)
“This Right to Read statement clearly asserts the value of libraries and access to information resources in correctional institutions, echoing recommendations set out in the most recent report of the Office of the Correctional Investigator. In the report, the Office recommends that Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) “update and renew inmate libraries so that they are compliant with policy and comparable to the services, materials, and technologies available in the communities.”

““All aspects of library outreach are on the rise as part of a larger discussion on how libraries can remain relevant,” says Ann Plazek, president of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Association of Bookmobiles and Outreach (ABOS). In 2014, 690 bookmobiles were operating across the United States, according to a study from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. ”

ALA and ACRL join higher education, library groups to urge FCC and Congress to uphold net neutrality ( ALA News)

“Network neutrality is essential to ensuring open and nondiscriminatory access to information for all.  The American Library Association is proud to stand with other education and learning organizations in outlining core principles for preserving the open Internet as a vital platform for free speech, innovation, and civic engagement.”

We Need Librarians Today More Than Ever – How an ancient profession stays on top of the digital age (LLRX)
“Journalist and librarian Marcus Banks discusses the role, relevancy and impact of librarians in all sectors as we are increasingly overwhelmed with information and yet access to actionable resources is often blocked by fees and paywalls, and the goal of knowledge sharing is subsumed and often ill served by conflicting agendas. Librarians remain critical advocates for open access, teachers of digital literacy skills, proponents of services to all Americans, and touchstones for identifying truth in an increasingly growing sphere of fake news and information that fails to serve democracy, education, and commerce.”

Notable Lectures & Presentations:

David Lee King on videos in libraries at Computers in Libraries 2017  (David Lee King)

Emerging Technology Trends in Libraries for 2017 presented by David Lee King at  Computers in Libraries 2017 (Lone Wolf Librarian)

How to design a library that makes kids want to read TED presentation by Michael Bierut

Eulogy for the Information Age: The Future is Impact Not Access (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Presentation by David Lankes at University of South Carolina.

International Image Interoperability Framework – IIIF  (Lone Wolf Librarian)
Presentation by Tom Cramer, Chief Technology Strategist, Stanford University Libraries.

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