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2017 Week 10,11,12 & 13 : Best Free Reference Websites & Apps,Trump’s Budget Eliminates Funding For IMLS, Cheatsheet to Live Video, NYC with new page for the NYC Open Data web portal,At U Chicago You Can Checkout Materials With Camera on Your Phone

Best Free Reference Websites & Apps ( Library Journal) Gary Price editor INFOdocket highlights the best free reference websites and apps. The 2017 Cheatsheet to Live Video  (Research Buzz) ““Live video continues to be popular for other platforms too – Instagram Stories, … Continue reading

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Week 49,50,51 & 52: Why Public Libraries Must Use Customer Experience To Improve Services for Their Communities, Deep Web Research and Discovery Resources 2017, Texas A&M University Opens Virtual Learning Lab With zSpace Virtual Reality (VR) Technology, How Employees Shaped Strategy At The New York Public Library, Becoming an Open Library Leader?

Why Public Libraries Must Use Customer Experience To Improve Services for Their Communities ( Library Blogs Buzz Weekly) Customer Experience is often defined as “the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their … Continue reading

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Week 23,24,25 &26: User experience (UX), Usability and User interface (UI) in The Mobile User-Centric Design,How Massachusetts Libraries Are Disrupting The Ebook System,Google Starts Free Coding Classes at Queens Library, Gwinnett County Public Library Starts Open Library With Self-Service Hours,Chattanooga Public Library’s LOLA System Allows Instantaneous Music Collaborations

The three Us of mobile design: UX v usability v UI ( Library Blogs Buzz Weekly) Andy Favell from ClickZ reviews the role of user experience (UX), usability and user interface (UI) in the mobile user-centric design and provides additional user … Continue reading

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Week 10,11,12 & 13:Library User Experience (UX) Project At The Chapel Hill Public Library, The Sale Of Brooklyn Heights Library Not Necessary, 10 Best Sites For Free Online Education, Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding Explained, FOIA Mapper Searches Government Records That Were Not Previously Online, Top Skills For Tomorrow’s Librarians

Watch and Learn | The User Experience ( Library Journal) Strongly recommend to take a few minutes to go over this post by Aaron Schmidt about a librarywide user experience (UX) project at the Chapel Hill Public Library (CHPL), NC. Customer … Continue reading

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Week 45,36,47,48,49,50,51&52: Creative Commons License Cannot Be Revoked?,NYPL With $22 Million Renovation of Schomburg Center, Profile of User Experience Librarian,

Gentle Reminder about Creative Commons Licenses ( David Lee King) David Lee Kind reminds us on his blog one more time, that once we use a creative Commons license, the license cannot be revoked. Check the link below and section 1.1.1. https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Considerations_for_licensors_and_licensees#Considerations_for_licensors. NOTICE … Continue reading

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Week: 36,37,38,39,40, 41,42,43&44: DPLA With New Self-Guided Curriculum, Studying Library Users For Better Customer Experience,

DPLA Releases New Self-Guided Curriculum for Digitization (Lonely Wolf Librarian) “We’ve made this curriculum available in a self-guided version intended for digitization beginners from a variety of cultural heritage institutions. Each module includes a video presentation, slides with notes in Powerpoint, and … Continue reading

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Week: 13,14,15, 16, 17 &18: Presentations at Computers in Libraries, Library Collection Management Considerations, The Best-Selling Books of the Century, Knowing Your Customers

Innovative Funding Alternatives (The Lone Wolf Librarian) Do you need funding for your project and are you considering crowdsourcing  and social media? Brian Pichman, the Director of Strategic Innovation at the Evolve Project is offering innovative solutions . Presentations at Computers in Libraries … Continue reading

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Week 1,2,3&4: IDEO’s Design Kit for Better Customer Experience,Inside the Harwood Institute’s Innovators Lab for Libraries, Check Phil Bradley’s List with 180 + Search Engines

Exploring IDEO’s Design Kit  (Designing Better Libraries) “If  you  are a librarian who is embracing design as a methodology or strategy for giving your community members a better library experience, you owe it to yourself to spend sometime exploring IDEO’s Design … Continue reading

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