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Week 1,2,3 & 4:NYC With Open Online Data Sets, 26 Incredible Innovations, Check Out Wi-Fi at the Library For a Week,Toronto Public Library with book-lending machine at Union Station,19% more eBooks And 36% More Digital Audiobook Borrowed in 2015, New Action Guide For Public Libraries

Open Data: New York Police Department Launches Online Crime Data Resources (INFoDocket) “In a significant step toward increasing transparency, the New York Police Department has created a website with detailed data about each major crime that takes place in the city.” In … Continue reading

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Week 45,36,47,48,49,50,51&52: Creative Commons License Cannot Be Revoked?,NYPL With $22 Million Renovation of Schomburg Center, Profile of User Experience Librarian,

Gentle Reminder about Creative Commons Licenses ( David Lee King) David Lee Kind reminds us on his blog one more time, that once we use a creative Commons license, the license cannot be revoked. Check the link below and section 1.1.1. https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/Considerations_for_licensors_and_licensees#Considerations_for_licensors. NOTICE … Continue reading

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Week 50: NYPL Expands Free Wi-Fi Loan Program,IMLS Announces New Funding Opportunities, 3D Scanning, Center for Research Libraries Offers Revised LIBLICENSE Model License Agreement

Pew: The Next Library and the People Who Will Use It ( New Stephen’s Lighthouse) If 30% of the customers in Lee Rainie’s survey dont know much or nothing at all of what their libraries offer, we all have a lot … Continue reading

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Week 41 & 42: New OCLC Report About Education, Learning and Libraries, Strategies for Electronic Content Discovery , ACRL With Webliography on Linked Open Data Resources, The Library 2.014 Worldwide Virtual Conference Starts 10/08

New Video: “Inside the New York Public Library: The Maps Collection (INFOdocket) The NYPL collection of the  Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division spanning 500 years with close to half million maps is impressive by all standards. Copyright Issues in … Continue reading

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Week 23,24,25,26,27:New York Public Revises Renovation Plan, Innovative Acquires VTLS, Apple With New Programming Language – Swift, Connecticut Aims At Statewide E-Book Delivery System, Nashville Public Library With Seed Exchange Program,

New York Public Library Reveals Revised Rennovation Plan ( INFOdocket) “Anthony W. Marx, the library’s president, said the historic stacks in the main building, whose removal was a disputed element in the original plan designed by the architect Norman Foster, would … Continue reading

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Week 19,20,21,22: Multnomah starts ” Personal Librarian”,Google Builds Classroom, Chicago Public Libraries Lends Robots, Self Publishing Authors With New Platform: SELF-e

Fargo Brings An Outliner to Your Browser (LLRX) Fargo is an outliner, notepad, todo list, project organizer and it works in your browser by storing the Fargo files in your Dropbox. Oregon: Multnomah County Public Library Begins “Personal Librarian” Book Recommendation Service (INFOdocket) Kudos to Multnomah … Continue reading

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