Week 29 & 30: DC Public Library Opens Digital Commons,Chief Customer Officer In Libraries?,Chromecast-Google’s New Streaming Device

Who Is Your Library’s Chief Customer Officer?(Designing Better Libraries)
Libraries are customer service driven organizations so the question brought by Steven Bell must be answered by libraries who want to deliver better experience for their customers and want to get out of the " break and fix" reality.

DC Public Library Opens 11,000 Sq. Ft. Digital Commons With 3D Printer, Espresso Book Machine, and Much More (INFOdocket)
It looks like no expense was spared when DC Public Library build their new Digital Commons with 48 public PCs, 12 express computers; 12 iMacs; 4 iMacs with design softwar, 3-D printer, an Espresso Book Machine and several eReaders.

UPDATE: Miami-Dade County Releases List of 22 Public Libraries on Chopping Block, 251 Layoffs Also Possible(INFOdocket)
Closing libraries is not the solution. Libraries need to be open even with drastically reduced service hours.

New Today: Library Publishing Coalition (LPC) Debuts New Website( INFOdocket)
"The Library Publishing Coalition (LPC)—a library led, two-year initiative to advance the field of library publishing—has launched its new website at http://www.librarypublishing.org/.Current LPC activities include development of a Shared Documentation Portal that hosts model documents, compilation of aDirectory of Library Publishing Services, and planning for a forum to be held in March 2014.LPC participants include more than 50 college and university libraries, many of which are ARL members"

Google Launches The $35 Chromecast Streaming Device To Bring Chrome To The Living Room(TechCrunch) For $35 dollars, you can now display and stream on your TV any Chrome, Android or iOS based laptop or mobile device.

New York Public Library Agrees in Court to Delay Central Library Plan (INFOdocket)
NYPL agreed to postpone the reconstruction of the 5th Ave library until a "a court hearing scheduled for October, or the completion of an environmental review being conducted by the city"

Upping Our Game: Unlocking Real Value in Libraries ( New Stephen's Lighthouse)
Stephen Abram found out that "the statistics we use to track usage in our databases and digital products don’t tell us what we need to know" and he is suggesting new models to collect data.

California: San Francisco Public Library Receives 8% Budget Increase(INFOdocket)
Many studies show that library use in big urban areas is increasing. Unfortunately the city budgets not always follow trough.

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